Bring out the sun! My guide to SPRING/SUMMER 2015 TRENDS and MUST-HAVES for the season

I am so excited for summer to finally roll around the corner – being a summer baby, I am also a summer babe and sun fuels me up like nothing else. But it’s not only about the hot days, beach and cocktails; it’s also about looking the part. Here are the biggest spring and summer trends for hair and make-up we’ll be seeing and wearing in the next few months.


1. Healthy and fresh skin. For the season, forget tons of make-up and make sure that your complexion is happy and healthy on its own. If you have issues, rethink your routine and push it up a notch – I think it’s worth it, because having a beautiful skin will always be in trend.

Must have: Magnitone Lucid for a daily clean that will not only clean and wake up your skin, but also leave it looking gorgeous, soft and fresh! Get it here(for a fraction of the cost you pay to your cosmetologist every year).

2. Temporary tattoos. Yes, I’m putting this under the skin category, because obviously this trend is meant to draw attention to your beautiful tanned skin (disclaimer: go for fake tanners, don’t bake in the sun/fake bake). But we are not talking about the tattoos that you get with your favorite chewing gum – these tattoos are beautiful, elaborate works of art.

Must have: get your favorite designs here and rock as many as you possibly dare.


3. Wet look. Sleek hair, tucked behind your ears have pushed out the recent natural, beachy look we’ve all been trying to achieve for the past two years. A sleek and precise center hair parting is also a thing. These trends will definitely make all the ladies with a sharp bone structure very happy.

Must have: Afrodita oil gel (get it here) will keep your hair healthy and will not produce that typical crunch that you get from using regular hair gels!

4. Braids and ponytails in all shapes and sizes – either solo or in the half-up, half-down looks. To achieve more volume for your braids, use a thickening hairspray before giving it a gentle tug in all directions.

Must have: a hairspray that will not weigh your hair down but make the braid larger than life. Celebrity hair stylists swear by the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray, which is a bit pricey, but will definitely last you ages! Get it here.

5. Crimpingis back. The last time this hair trend was really on point was in the 80’s and I really can remember many things from that period I’d prefer to see back much more than this particular one. But, it is a trend, so if you are brave enough, go for it!

Must have: if you do it, make sure you’re using a tool that will not harm your hair (and a heat protectant!), like the Corioliss crimper (get it here).

6. Crazy hair accessories. Think butterflies, bows and everything else you always wanted to style your hair with, but never had the guts. Now, you can let your fantasy get the best of you and rock it!

Must have: the typical Coachella look this year was the flower crown, so get one here.


7. Glowing, natural look. It’s all about the natural, fresh face, which means that besides putting the least amount of products possible on it, you also want to reach into your beauty stash and find your favorite highlighter for the fake-dewy, glowing skin. Apply over your cheekbones, just above your eyebrows, on your cupid’s bow and on your chin. Just make sure to really blend it out, otherwise you’re risking looking like something from Twilight.

Must have: it’s not a secret I’m very partial to The Balm Mary-Lou Luminizer (get it here)

8. Bold, au-naturel eyebrows. Put your tweezers down and step back from the mirror – bold brows are staying trendy and I think that most of us are very excited about this. So keep them accentuated and natural (so no Instagram eyebrows!), but don’t forget about the basic grooming techniques that still apply.

Must have: a clear brow gel that will keep your brows in a nice natural line all day. It’s no secret that Anastasia BH makes some of the best brow products out there, so get her brow gel here.

9. Natural, fresh pout. Are you seeing a pattern here? Mostly this spring and summer, we are going back to basics. Forget heavy lipsticks that you need to mind all the time and go light with only a light lip gloss to give you that perfect pout.

Must have: I love the NYX Round Lip glosses at every moment of the year – they are light, not sticky and come in a myriad of colors for a great price. Get them here.

10. Blurred edge. If you’re going to go for a bold lip, don’t be afraid to be a bit messy about it. We’re of course not talking about some joker lips, but rather a more natural, blurred line as opposed to the crispy cut lines we are used to.

Must have: my most recent favorite lipsticks are Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Hours lipsticks. I would definitely go for a fuchsia lip for summer, like the shade Entry Vip. Get them here or in larger drugstores in Slovenia.

11. Bright eyeliners, especially turquoise and light-blue. I personally love this trend – it’s something different, but not too crazy for everybody to just go for it. You can either go for a normal eyeliner look or just go all out and just smudge it on your eyelids and in your lower lash line. Why not, right? It’s summer!

Must have: In my opinion, you need a nice, soft eyeliner to achieve this look. I would recommend the Milani Liquid Eye Metallic liner in shade Aqua. Get it here.

12. Bold lower lash line eyeliner. Find one that will actually stay in place and not smudge all under your eyelid. Personally, I think that this look can only be great for those with larger eyes; otherwise it can work against you in making your eyes seem smaller and more set together. Best pencils for this are softer ones that are not too wide.

Must have: I am obsessed with the Lord&Berry eyeliners, which you can get here.

13. Lower lashes in all their glory. I am on the fence about this look – it always looks great on others, but I find it difficult to get it just right. I do think that having a nice spoolie brush to comb through them can help if you have difficulty, but more importantly, you need to choose a mascara that will not smudge and flake all over your under-eye area.

Must have: if you can, afford yourself a mascara that is dedicated for bottom lashes – they are normally much smaller and you will achieve a better result. One of such is the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara – get it here.

14. Bold Cat-eye swoop. I absolutely love this look for a fun night out on the town. I think it’s bold, it pops and it’s different from anything else we have been wearing recently. Getting the edges and the length just right could take some time, though.

Must have: for this look, you’ll need a precise shader brush. You can’t go wrong with Zoeva, which you can get here.

15. Colourful smokey eye. There is nothing else to say about this except: go big or go home! Forget about your natural palette and whip out that one palette you once bought on a whim and never used.

Must have: if you can afford it, I think that this Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment palette is absolutely to die for. Get it here.

So that’s it ladies (and possibly gentlemen, let’s not discriminate). I don’t think that every single trend is for everyone and I don’t think that I will be attempting all of the things above, but I am personally most excited for the fresh face look with just a hint of color – either on the eyes or on the lips.

If you do a trendy look, don’t forget to tag me on your photos (@low_maintenance_beauty)!

Until next time, stay beautiful!

Disclaimer: this post is not in any way, shape or form sponsored by companies or products mentioned above. All opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links in the post.