What’s in my beach bag?

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, I’m either on my way to my well-deserved vacation or possibly already lying in the sun. Either way, I needed to do some packing and I thought I’d bring you along for the ride.

This is most likely just a part of everything I will be hauling to the beach every day (and by that, I’m sure you can tell I really mean that my hubby will be the one at risk of a spinal injury). I will add tons of books, magazines, some temporary tattoos, fruit and water, phone, tablet and other bits and bobs I pick up along the way. But in the beauty sense, these are the main things that absolutely need to come with me.

My bag was a freebie from Max Mara Weekend a couple of years ago and I love it. It’s a lovely boho-chic bag that doesn’t look too fancy and I don’t really care if it would get dirty (or worse, stolen). I can easily pack it away in the suitcase since it’s very soft.

Inside the tote, I always keep a smaller bag – this one is another freebie from Decleor and I really like it since it can be pulled out and sealed (see the pink part), but when tucked in, it can also act as a large wallet & phone holder when you want to go get a drink at a cafe whilst at the beach.

Of course, SPF is the bare essential when going to the beach. I normally keep two large bottles at hand. First one is for the first days when I’m still pale as a ghost – it’s the Nivea Sun Kids Pure&Sensitive lotion with SPF 50. The other one comes in handy when I get a bit of tan and I don’t risk getting sunburned as much anymore – that’s the Garnier Ambre Solaire with SPF 15.

Naturally, we mustn’t forget about the face. I got this Decleor Aroma Sun Expert with SPF 30 this year and I’m hoping it will do its job well.

Speaking of getting a tan, here’s a product that has been all the rave this summer – the Afrodita 100 % Bronze Skin Fast Tanning Jam. I have had a little dip in it just to make sure I didn’t have any reaction to it, but I could hardly contain myself not to eat the whole jar. I’m curious to see how it will perform!

I like to dive and go snorkeling on my vacation, so my hair is always a bit of a mess. This year, I’m bringing along my new Wet Brush (from the Look Fantastic Beauty Box), since I am more willing to lose this as my Tangle Teezer. My hair stylist also hooked me up with the Schwarzkopf Sun protect Spray conditioner which I can use throughout the day to give my dry and frizzy hair some TLC.

Since I do like to hang out with people when I’m on the beach, I also always bring with me a random deodorant and my lovely Body Shop Pink Grapefruit body mist. It’s a refreshing, rejuvenating smell that isn’t too heavy, but rather just gives the hint of freshness in the heat.

On that note, I also always bring some make-up, just in case we decide to go to dinner straight from the beach. This year, I’m bringing my Avon Flawless CC cream and Lancome Virtuose Drama. Another perk from the Look Fantastic Beauty Box – my Cowshed lippy cow natural lip balm – is coming for the ride as well.

And last, there are the accessories. As you can see from the first photo, I always bring a light scarf which I can wrap around my shoulders if the sun is hitting me too hard when we are walking to the beach. Other than that, I have some accessories that I couldn’t ever rock in Ljubljana, but go great together with my summer attires.

And that’s it for my bag. Did I forget anything? Let me know – perhaps you won’t be too late to save my skin! 🙂

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  1. 4. 8. 2015 / 22:56

    Hehe marmelada je v vseh torbah za na plažo letos! 😀 Pri meni se je lepo obnesla. Vidim, da nisem edina, ki nosim na plažo skoraj potovalko – pa sem na koncu vsak dan ugotovila, da pol stvari niti pogledala nisem. :$ Ampak če jih ne bi mela zraven … 🙂