20 random facts about me tag

I’ve come to know a lot of you quite well, but still I feel that since I am blogging anonymously, I sometimes don’t reveal as much as I could. So in order not to start rambling about nonsense before I even being writing for real, I introduce you to 20 random facts about me that not many people know. Do enjoy them and please let me know an interesting fact or two about yourself in the comments below!

1. I hardly ever forget my cell phone at home, and if I do, I will return home to get it no matter how far from home I’ve already come.

2. I never drink energy drinks – I drank my last Red Bull in high school almost 15 years ago and then decided never to have one again.

3. I love swimming and use to compete as well, but I am terrified of water, or better said, things that lurk in the shadows, so I never go into the sea by myself. Being a statistic, I see it as minimizing the odds of being eaten.

4. If I get mad, I forgive quickly, but I never forget. It’s not in my nature to hold a grudge, but I have incredibly good memory for storing silly things.

5. I really dislike eating things with my hands.

6. Until I broke my ankle a couple of years back, my only shoes without heels were a pair of sports trainers and some beach flip-flops. I was in heels for at least 300 days each year. And nothing under 7 cm would even qualify as a heel.

7. My first concert I went to was Caught in The Act. At the same time, it’s the thing in my past I lie about the most when asked, since I’m not exactly proud of it.

8. I wear the same t-shirts for entire year, so I hardly switch up my wardrobe at all during seasons.

9. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket, although I do have some Fittipaldi in my blood. Thankfully, the police are not really interested in the streets I drive on daily.

10. I pretend to hate holidays like Valentines day or Halloween, but secretly, I kind of enjoy them.

11. Because I learned Latin for a long time, I can understand quite a few roman languages and read in even more of them, but couldn’t order a cup of coffee in most of these to save my life.

12. I hate, hate, hate stockings. I hate buying stockings, I hate putting on stockings, I hate checking all the time that they haven’t ripped, I hate washing them and I hate putting them away. I hate every single thing about them.

13. My cat isn’t allowed on the bed, but secretly I wish that she would come up every once in a while for a snuggle.

14. I really want to learn calligraphy one day, when I find the time. But I probably won’t tell anyone.

15. One of my favorite past-times is wrapping presents. I try to wrap each present for each person differently and add a personal touch, but only because it makes me happy.

16. I wish I could play with Lego’s even now when I’m grown up and that nobody would find that weird.

17. I am not against plastic surgery and I see myself getting some things done in the near or far future.

18. Although I absolutely love to travel for pleasure, I don’t ever want to visit Australia. I don’t see a single appealing thing about it.

19. If my hubby and I behave in public the way we do at home, people think we’re crazy. Even people who know us quite well.

20. I forgot to do my eyebrows a couple of weeks back and when I went to the toilet at work and looked at myself in the mirror, I literally jumped back a couple of inches.

Whoa, I think that this is what therapy feels like, I feel quite liberated. I suggest you try it as well, as I find this tag really entertaining.

Until next time, stay beautiful!