This or That – Beauty Edition Tag

As you are reading this, I am already on my way to the airport. I’ll admit that with all that is happening in my life, it was a bit difficult to plan a lot of posts ahead, especially with the fact that I can barely do any photos since I get home around 17h and poof – the sun is already gone.

So today (and once more in the following week) you will get to learn a bit more about me. Hopefully, you enjoy the tag. I also tag each and every one of you who would be willing to do this tag as well! Let’s get right to the questions!


Via Daily Mail
1. Blush or Bronzer?

Easy – I love buying blushes but only use them once in a blue moon, but I go through my bronzers like crazy. Bronzer it is. Many bronzers, in fact.

2. Lipgloss or lipstick?

Lighter shade of lipgloss and darker shades of lipstick. But if I had to choose one for the rest of my life, I would choose lipstick.

3. Eyeliner or mascara?

Again, an easy one – I could not live without a good mascara (or three, to be exact).

4. Foundation or concealer?

This is a bit tricky, since I do love my concealers, but I would still go for the foundation, a full coverage one to really cover any imperfections.

5. Neutral or color eyeshadows?

I am trying to be bolder with my make-up looks, but considering that I work in an office and deal with clients, I would still choose neutrals.

6. Pressed or loose eyeshadows?

I would choose pressed, since I’m regularly out of time and I don’t need the hassle of loose eyeshadows all over my bathroom. But I love admiring the loose eyeshadows in stores, especially the duochrome ones that don’t come around often in pressed form.

7. Brushes or sponges?

With the exception of my Beauty Blender, I don’t really care for sponges. So I would choose brushes since I can do everything with them.


Via San Ramones Manicures
8. O.P.I. or China Glaze?

O.P.I. all day, every day and twice on Sunday, thank you very much.

9. Long or short nails?

I would love to have long nails, but unfortunately mine are not in the best shape and keep breaking on me. But yes, lovely long nails have been a dream of mine since pretty much forever.

10. Acrylic or natural nails?

I had acrylic nails for about a year and it was not a pleasant experience, so I choose natural nails (with the occasional extra of press-on nails for special occasions).

11. Bright or dark colors?

I would say a bit of both, naturally, but given the choice I would go for darker shades.


Via Hair Group Salon
12. Curly or straight hair?

Depends on my mood since I really go through phases on this one. Since my hair is slightly curly naturally, I would probably go with that since it’s less of a hassle.

13. Bun or ponytail?

I got into buns big time a couple of years back but they are going out of style, so I’ll choose the ponytail, since it’s a timeless classic.

13. Hair spray or gel?

Neither if I can help it, but a bit of hair spray keeps my hair in place when I really need them not to throw a wild party on my hair in the middle of the day.

14. Light or dark hair?

I dyed my hair blonde for about 10 years and finally gave them a bit of a rest last year, going back to my natural color. I’m kind of bored with it though and once they regenerate I’m going right back to blonde. So yeas, I think that I look better with light hair.

15. Up or down?

Down for first day hair, up for the rest of the days before I manage to wash them. I like my hair down, to be honest, since I feel that they really frame my face nicely.

And that’s it – 15 questions which I think answer pretty much every major preference I have regarding my make-up, nails and hair. It would be fun to do this every year or two to see how things change, but for now, this is who I am as far as beauty is concerned.

Until next time, stay beautiful!