Melvita Pulpe de Rose and Damaske Rose Floral Water

Dear beauties,

those of you who suffer from hormonal imbalance are surely aware of the damage that those pesky hormones can do to your skin. I had little trouble with my skin before I got pregnant, and most of those were due to poor skincare – not taking my make-up of properly, not giving my skin enough hydration, years of reckless tanning without proper protection etc.

But all of the things my face had experienced before were nothing compared to what was happening to my poor skin during pregnancy. You name it, I had it – hyperpigmentation, deep acne, clogged pores. I used the heaviest foundation I own and piled on tons of concealer before I even walked out the door to look barely presentable, but that didn’t exactly help my skin, either.

Fast forward nine months – in the first two weeks after giving birth, the hyperpigmentation was gone but my skin was still in very poor shape. So I decided that I will reduce my make-up and my skincare to a minimum (also due to the fact that I didn’t exactly have the luxury of doing long skincare routines twice a day). And now, five weeks later, my skin is looking quite good if I say so myself, thanks to these two products – Melvita Pulpe de Rose cream and Damascan Rose floral water.

Pulpe de Rose is described as a plumping radiance cream that also battles first wrinkles. It comes in a 40ml tube with a pump, which I find great but I’ll admit that it’s not working as great now when I’m almost done with it, so I’ll probably cut the tube to really get all the product out. Otherwise, a single pump is enough for the entire face.

The cream is based on rose hip fruits and blossoms making it rich in vitamin C. I absolutely adore the smell of this cream- it is fresh and sweet at the same time. Even my hubby who never notices anything to do with skincare mentioned that he likes the smell a lot, so that’s saying something. After using this cream for only a week or so, I saw that my skin was getting a bit firmer and I also like the fact that it absorbs very quickly. All in all, it’s one of the best face products I’ve ever used and I’ll repurchase it again. You can get it at for 34,90€. If used sparingly, it should last you about 2 months.

Since we’re still keeping the heating on at home because of the baby, my skin is still relatively dry. I tried applying face cream several times a day but somehow, that didn’t seem like the most practical solution. Then I remembered the Melvita Damascan Rose Floral Water still sitting in my cabinet waiting to be used. I put it on the bathroom counter so I was reminded to use it several times a day.

I love the smell of this floral water as well – it smells like childhood to me since the smell is very similar to a toner my mom used when she was little, a true rose smell. Whenever I spray this on my face I can literally feel my skin absorbing the moisture and the process only takes about a minute or so, leaving my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I am also a fan of the spray as well since it covers quite a large surface, so I only need about three sprays for my entire face. You can get it for 7,10 € for smaller bottle (50ml) or 15,30€ for a bigger bottle (200ml – which is obviously the best price/quantity ratio).

I would highly recommend these two products to anyone with dry or normal skin and I also believe they would work well for you if you have sensitive skin. Granted, Melvita is not exactly an inexpensive brand, but it’s well worth your money in my opinion.

Until next time, stay beautiful!

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  1. 20. 5. 2016 / 12:15

    Tudi meni sta oba izdelka všeč, čeprav mi krema na začetku ni bila tolk, ampak sem jo potem vzljubila, ko sem jo začela uporabljat še kot nočno. Sem mela ful lepo kožo 🙂