Grazia Beauty Award Winners 2016

This Thursday, the Slovenian issue of Grazia Magazine gave out the Beauty Awards for the first time in Slovenian history. Among 111 products, seven beauty experts chose winners in different categories. We also got to vote, but I haven’t gotten any feedback from Grazia if our votes counted in any way (will update if I find out).

Anyway, here are the winners. All the photos (which are gorgeous, are from the Grazia website, give them some love *here*).

Life changing product: Vichy Dermablend

I have not tried this product yet. It is supposed to cover minor to major imperfections, such as redness, dark circles and uneven skin surface).

I voted for: Vichy Dermablend, because Nika from Beautyfull Blog gave it a big thumbs up 🙂

Wau effect: OPI Rapid Dry quick drying top coat

I like OPI polishes but so far, I haven’t been too impressed with the base and top coats

I voted for: Avon Eyeshadow Primer, which is one of my favorite primers of all times.

Party Lipstick: Avon

I voted for these lipsticks, since I have tried them and find them of great quality, especially for the money. You can get so many different shades that nobody will be left empty handed.

Prettiest look: Essence All about Nudes palette

Essence really stepped up the game in the category of eye palettes. For years, I’ve always said that no drugstore eyeshadow palette can compare to the high-end ones. While that is still true in my opinion, Essence is cutting it very close with the palettes they released in the past year or so.

This is the product I voted for as well.

Shiny hair: Afrodita Serum 10 in 1

I haven’t tried this serum yet, but I am intrigued, since it beat my favorite, Avon Advanced Techniques Oil Elixir (which I voted for). I really haven’t tried many hair products from Afrodita in general, now that I think of it, except for the Afrodita Argan Oil, so I should get around to testing some more.

Product of the future: L’Occitane Regard Divin

I’m so happy that L’Occitane took this award. I bought the Extract Divin for my grandmother and she absolutely loves it and I swear I can see the difference on her face. It’s an expensive line, but it seems to really do the trick! L’Occitane was also nominated with their Almond Shower gel in the category of Softest touch for the body, but didn’t win against Artdeco Senses Asian Spa which is hard for me to understand since I’m probably the biggest fan of the Almond shower gel out there, but OK.

Summer adventures: Eucerin Even Brighter

This day cream boasts an SPF of 30 so it really is very appropriate for the summer days. It is also supposed to reduce hyperpigmentation for a brighter and a more even complexion.

I however voted for the Le Couvent Des Minimes everyday deodorant – I haven’t tried a single LCDM product that wouldn’t suit me, so it’s quickly become one of my favorite brands.

True lady among perfumes: Olympea Paco Rabbane

I know I am biased, but I voted for the Avon Luck, as it is one of my favorite perfumes for everyday use. I’m sorry to see they didn’t take the prize for this one. It is also the most “meh” category for me, since I think that preference for smell cannot be evaluated in the same way that coverage for foundation, long lasting performance for a lipstick or softness of the skin for face cream.

If you want to see the winners in other categories, check them out *here*.

Have you tried any of the winners before? What are your thoughts on them?


  1. 20. 6. 2016 / 20:50

    Hvala za omembo ;). Vichyjev puder je res top. So pa razglasili tudi nagrajence po mnenju bralk in spletnih žirantk in so našteti čisto na koncu zapisa na Graziini strani.

  2. 20. 6. 2016 / 21:00

    Nika, šur, tvoje mnenje vsaj meni ogromno pomeni, ker vem, da je vedno neodvisno, kar mu v moji knjigi daje 100% kredibilnost.

    So mi tudi iz Grazie naknadno vse prijazno razložilil o glasovanju, tako da moram še napisati kratek update 🙂