My top 10 make-up brushes

I often get asked which brushes are my favorites – do I prefer drugstore brands or is it worth investing into more expensive brushes. I also get asked about fake brushes that you can purchase from various websites – if you want to know about my experience with those, let me know in the comments below!

Anyway, I own both drugstore and high-end brushes – too many of both, to be quite honest with you, since I love buying and trying new ones. As you will see, my favorites consist of both. These are the brushes I use on a regular day when doing my go to make-up look. I listed some prices below, but to find the best deal, check out *this post* I wrote about my favorite online stores and their offers!

Let’s start with the bigger brushes I use for my face.

I always apply foundation with a blending sponge and practically never use a brush. Then, I use the ELF Powder Brush to apply face powder and/or setting powder. I like this brush since the bristles are quite tightly packed and pick up the product really well. I bought this from iHerb for about 7 $ about two years ago and although I use it every day, it’s still in great shape.

Next, I use my Ecotools large powder brush (bought in a set in USA for about 15 $) to apply bronzer. This brushes has softer and longer bristles set more widely and is also softer. I must say I like the color of the bristles since it doesn’t look as dirty as quickly as the darker brushes.

For contouring, I use two different brushes – the Real Techniques flat foundation brush (about 10 $) for under eye highlights and Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour brush (10€ from I had real troubles finding a brush that wouldn’t produce too much kick-out in my favorite contour palette and although the RT brush is perhaps not the greatest choice in shape, it still does the job well so I can set my under eye concealer. The MUR brush is perfect for strong contour lines along my jaw and cheekbones.

Moving on to blush and highlight, we again come to two Real Technique brushes. I use the RT Setting Brush (11€ from for highlight and RT Blush Brush (13€ from for my blushes. They are boft quite soft and pick up the product nicely. I appreciate that the blush brush gets dry quickly after spot cleaning since I like to switch things up a lot in the blush department and I clean this brush practically every day.

Moving on to eyes, I only use two brushes for my everyday make-up – the Sigma E40 tapered blending brush (18€ from for my crease and the Ecotools Full Eye shadow brush (about 4$ in USA). I love the size of Sigma blending brush since it slides perfectly into my crease – I could walk around the apartment while blending and still get the job done perfectly. It is however showing some wear from the use so I have to wash it quite carefully. The Ecotools brush does exactly what it says – I cover my entire lid with a couple of strokes and I’m good to go. Both of these are a must in my collection.

For eyebrows, I go in with an Angled liner brush from a BH Cosmetics set. I have gotten so used to this brush that I’m hard pressed if I have to use any other brush. The bristles are nicely packed and quite hard so I can create the perfect eyebrow lines with precision. And lastly – when I gather the nerve to do a cat eye, I use my Essence Eyeliner brush. This is such a cute brush – I wish I owned more brushes with such pretty prints. The bristles are short and a bit softer, so they bend nicely and follow the line I am trying to create with the eyeliner.

So, quite a variety, right? What are your favorite brushes? Let me know down below!


  1. 31. 12. 2016 / 18:35

    RT blush brush zgleda fini, bi ga kar rabila 🙂

  2. 4. 1. 2017 / 22:44

    Tale RT blush brush rabi vsaka ženska, enega sem že kakšno leto nazaj podarila v nagradni igri, ker je res MUST. Mogoče pa bom kmalu še kakšnega 🙂