Essence Beach House & Summer Fun collection – review

It’s Wednesday and with it comes the opportunity for us to talk about new products in the stores. You can already get your hands on Essence Beach House collection (*click* to see the whole thing), but you’ll have to wait a bit longer for Sumer Fun collection (*click*) to hit the shelves.

I was very excited for the Beach House collection because of new and innovative products. I fell head over heels in love with the duo blush Give Me Some Vitamin Sea! – it’s a vibrant pink color and incredibly well pigmented. I also have high appreciation for the beach glow fluid. I wouldn’t necessarily use it all over my body (but if you’re going clubbing, you should definitely do that), but I used it as a highlighter and it was absolutely beautiful.

I think that the beach glow fluid it’s a dupe for a very pricey highlighter I have in my closet, but I’ll have to double check. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @low_maintenance_beauty to see if I’m right.

I was also very excited to try the two polishes above. I absolutely love the blue one which has a long staying power and really dries up completely matte. I have had zero luck with the white one, though. I can see what the “sea salt effect” is supposed to look like, but I needed three thick coats to make it look nice and needless to say, the whole manicure was ruined the first time I went to wash my hands.

The Summer fun products looked fun in the bag and they really are fun in real life. I must say I was quite impressed with the make-up sponges. They are perfect, absolutely perfect for blending under the eyes and I also used them to apply the glow fluid above. They don’t expand at all when they are wet and I now after trying both options I would say they are meant to be used dry.

The cooling eyeshadow (Shine brighter than the summer sun) is applied with a doe shaped wand and really is cooling which is quite an interesting experience. It dries very quickly so you need to apply it fast. I would probably top it off with a regular eyeshadow to get a stronger look, but for a bit of color it works very well.

Lastly, let’s talk about the cream to powder highlighter. I am a sucker for this kind of formula because I think that when the product dries it looks more striking. Essence never fails to disappoint me with their highlighters and this one is no exception. A nice soft pink shade is perfect for the summer.

In all, most of the products from the lines are really amazing and as I’ve said before many times, it’s really hard not to be impressed with the quality of Essence products, especially regarding the price. I know that make-up hoarding is not exactly the best hobby in the world, but Essence makes it hard to resist every single time.

Until next time, stay beautiful!