Avon Mark: top and flop products

Avon Mark

I am quite partial to Avon Mark line as you may well know if you’ve been following my posts for a while. I love the visual elements of the brand with the stunning black and white prints and combinations that look great both live and on the photos. Since I’ve tried quite a few of their products by now, I chose the top (and some flop) products to talk about today.

Avon Mark: lip products

Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick

Let’s start with the lipsticks since I already wrote about them *here*. Mark Plump-it lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, soft and comfortable on the lips. They are also quite long wearing as I can usually get away with re-applying only once every four hours. My favorite shades are Divine Wine, Reddy to go and Rose Kisses.

Avon Mark Plump-it lip gloss

Unfortunately, I’m less impressed by Avon Mark Plump-it lip gloss which is supposed to give you a look of full and plumped-up lips. I wasn’t able to figure out the exact active ingredient (my money is on peppermint) but the tingling that comes with the use is absolutely something I don’t enjoy at all. The shade Mauve is gorgeous to wear independently or over a regular lipstick, but I don’t think we should sacrifice feeling comfortable just to look pretty – do you?

Avon Mark plump it lip gloss 

Avon Mark: eye products

I’ve tried two Avon Mark mascaras so far. I already wrote a bit about the Mark Spectralash*here* – it gives a nice curl to the lashes and really does wonders for the volume, but I was slightly annoyed by the dry formula which left little mascara flakes under my eyes by the end of the days. I’ve been trying the Mark Big&Daring Volume mascara for the past month or so and I absolutely love it. A wide and dense brush really catches hold of each individual lash. Since my lashes are quite long, I applied two coats for extra volume and my lashes looked fabulous. I was never a fan of the regular Avon mascaras, but damn, I want to try a few more from the Mark line!

Avon Mark Spectralash Mascara

Avon Mark: face products

Avon Mark Magix spray

I was really impressed by the magic of Avon Mark Magix prep&set Spray once the warmer days rolled in. The formula is a bit unusual – dare I say sticky – perhaps because of different ingredients such as vitamins A, C and E. The sticky feeling goes away once I apply the foundation which really adheres to the surface of my skin and doesn’t budge all day long. Magix spray is a must-have in the hot summer days as far as I’m concerned. Same goes for Avon Mark HD Finishing Powder which is applied after liquid foundation and concealer. I only apply it all over my face once every blue moon, but I regularly use it to set the concealer underneath my eyes and even do some baking. I’ve tried it with different concealers and it wokerd great, never settled into fine lines and blurred the small lines and imperfections underneath my eyes. Extra bonus: there is no flashback with flash photography.

Avon Mark: nail polish

Avon Mark Gel Shine nail polish

I really don’t like writing nail polish reviews. My nails seem to be from another planet and act completely differently as the nails of the average user. On my nails, Avon mark Gel Shine nail polish (shade Mauve) looked quite weird. The formula was very thick and I couldn’t apply it properly. But as I’m not the one to really talk about nail polish, I’d advise you to visit my fellow blogger Metka *here* and check out how it looked on her nails. Pretty great, right?

Generally speaking, I have to say that Avon really stepped up their game with the Avon Mark line. There is no more compromise between price and quality – most of the products are great and I can easily recommend them to you. Despite the catalogue sale being a bit odd at this day and age, especially since you can’t see the products before you purhcase them, I’m hoping that blog posts like this help you make informed decisions. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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