Empties #8 – skin care & make-up

empties skincare

As mentioned on Monday, I split these empties into two parts so they are more manageable. You can read the first part about hair care and body care *here*, if you’re interested. Today, let’s start with the cleansers. I used up a whole bunch of cleansers. I can’t believe that used up the Biobaza 3in1 make-up removal and hydration cream – more than half a liter! It did a good job at removing my make-up. I would not purchase it again, because I prefer to try more different products (it took me more than 6 months to use this up!), but it’s really good value for money! I didn’t like the Neutrogena Hydro boost micellar water. It really burned my eyes and wasn’t all that successful at removing make-up. I talked about the Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser before *here* – it’s rich in antioxidants, smells amazing and leaves me feeling rejuvenated. A product I’d definitely repurchase. Last but not least, I tried the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minute peel. Normally, I would try it on my face, but I tried it on my hand and it started peeling so terribly that I didn’t dare put it on my face. I don’t think I’d get this because it would scare me to death.

empties skincare

I also went through a bunch of other skincare items. Starting off with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This was my second bottle and the most perfect daily moisturizer ever. Lightweight and refreshing, the formula absorbs quickly and gives me a nice canvas for my make-up. The pump is an extra bonus. Unfortunately, I kept this bottle unter my night lamp and it changed color because of heat, so I have to throw it away. I also used up the second bottle of Melvita Rosehip oil which was my first step into the world of face oils. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by both the quick absorption as well as the softness of my skin after use. Right now, I’m trying out The Ordinary rosehip oil, but I must say that I somewhat prefer this one from Melvita (with the exception of price). Thanks to Gabi from Parokeets I also got to try the Hyaluron Gel from Ombia – again, my first hyaluronic gel so I have nothing to compare it against. Nevertheless, I noticed that my skin looked less dull and more hydrated during use, so I’m keeping my eyes open for when they restock this in Hofer stores! Last but not least, I also went through two sample sizes of Caudalie Vine[activ] 3in1 moisturizer. It was nice, easy on the skin, but nothing special in my eyes.

empties foundation and primer

In the make-up department, I mostly used up face products, as one usually does. I scraped the every last bit out of the Catrice Prime and fine smoothing refiner. This is an absolutely awesome primer that really sat well on my skin and blurred out the pores. It was also as mattifying as promised. I’ve been looking for a replacement for a few weeks now but I can’t find it – if you do, let me know! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, regardless of skin type. I also used up the Rimmel Fresher skin foundation. I didn’t like this at first, especially since it comes in a pot, but I learned to build up coverage when needed and now I’m really sad it’s gone. It was also great for days when I didn’t want to look made-up, since it does give a nice delicate coverage. Also a product I’d repurchase. The same goes for the Laura Geller Balance and Brighten baked foundation (travel size). It gives nice natural coverage, leaves the skin very smooth and silky feeling and doesn’t give you any cake-face, as many baked foundations do. It costs a whooping 32€ though, so I’m not sure I’ll repurchase it any time soon as I went through the travel size in no time at all.

empties foundation

Speaking of Rimmel, I also used up the n-th bottle of my favorite Match Perfection foundation. I went and got the Rimmel Lasting Finish this time, but I must say I don’t like it nearly as much. The Match Perfection is my favorite drugstore foundation so I’ll be sure to repurchase it again. I also used up the Maybelline Fit Me Matte&Poreless powder (not that you can tell from the packaging anymore). It was an OK powder, did its job, but I prefer Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder over it. Plus, it’s easier to get our hands on in Slovenia.

empties mascaras

Last but not least, there are mascaras. SO. MANY. MASCARAS. I just wanted to show you that I’m throwing them away – if you want to read the description and see what they look like on the eyes, click *here*. Spoiler: I love the Sleek Full Fat Lash, Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and the Avon Mark Spectralash. The rest were not as spectacular. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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  1. Klara
    24. 8. 2017 / 16:25

    Primer od catrice gre ven iz prodaje in je večinoma že razprodan, zato je bil tudi v akciji.

  2. Patricija
    25. 8. 2017 / 9:37

    Super blog! 🙂 To pa je bilo ogromno maskar. Moja najljubša je prav tako TF Better than sex,vendar mini verzija 🙂