New L.O.V products – Summer 2017: liquid lipstick and highlighting drops

L.O.V Summer 2017

L.O.V is a sister brand of Essence and Catrice and a brand right up my alley – luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. It’s true that not every product sits well with me, but that is true for most brands – I think it would be weird if I just liked everything, don’t you? This time, I had a lucky hand and got to test two really good products.

LOVglow highlighting drops

L.O.V Summer 2017 glow highlighting drops

The first one immediately caught my eye and I knew that I had to test it right away. LOVglow highlighting drops (Muller, 10,99 € for 9ml) are available in two shades – pink-gold Moonlight dreams and gold Sunlight glow which I tested myself. The bottle looks stunning with the golden webbing, but I’m even more impressed by the dropper. It’s incredibly precise so you won’t waste any product when applying.

L.O.V Summer 2017 glow highligter drops

The drops can be applied as a regular highlighter to the cheekbones, mixed into liquid foundation or primer, but personally I liked them the most applied over the primer and before liquid foundation. As you can see from the swatch, the drops become almost invisible once blended, so they’re very appropriate to give the effect of a healthy and glowing skin all over the face. If you only want to highlight certain parts of the face, you should blend them out with your fingers rather than with a sponge – you’ll waste less product that way. I would highly recommend them as a good alternative to powder highlights.

L.O.V Summer 2017 FatalMuse matte liquid lipstick

L.O.V Matte liquid lipsticks / FatalNude & Excessive

The second product I tested were two L.O.V Fatalmuse Matte Liquid lipsticks – a nude FATALnude and a bright red with a pink undertone called Excessive (Muller, 6ml, 8,99 €). These lippies are available in 10 different shades, from absolute nudes to dark purples, something to suit everyone. They have an expiry date of 36 months which is a pleasant change from the usual 12m we seen on most packagings.

L.O.V Summer 2017 FatalMuse liquid matte lipstick

These L.O.V liquid lipsticks have a soft, almost silky texture that can be attributed to the oil of cotton seeds. Despite the semi-matte finish they don’t dry the lips and don’t crack, making them incredibly pleasant to wear. Unlike other liquid lipsticks, they don’t dry out right away. You’ll have to wait for up to half an hour for them to be completely dry (probably a bit less in winter?). Only after that is the lipstick really long-wearing. On my lips, it survives salads and coffee without much trouble, but it does struggle a bit with greasy foods.

L.O.V Summer 2017 liquid matte lipstick

L.O.V Summer 2017 liquid matte lipstick

The applicator is compltely standard as with most liquid lipsticks. I do want to mention it picks up quite a lot of product so I tend to wipe off a bit against the edge of the bottle. You can do without that, but you’ll need to be more precise.

L.O.V Summer 2017 liquid matte lipstick

These lipsticks are definitely a great alternative to some more drying formulas, like the Colourpop matte lipsticks (I don’t like reaching for those because they crack and peel off my lips). A lip scrub will do no harm, but if your lips are dry and cracked, this L.O.V formula will be less forgiving than some other formulas out there.

L.O.V Summer 2017 liquid matte lipstick

There are more interesting releases in the L.O.V Summer 2017 collection. I’m especially attracted to the nail polish (which I already know have a great formula), the new eyeshadow palette, innovative magnetic shadows and the wonderful blush in the shade Graceful Rose. Is there something you fancy or purchased for yourself? Until next time, stay beautiful!

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  1. 3. 8. 2017 / 11:00

    Vidim, da imaš enako mnenje kot jaz 😀 Meni je super, samo malo prej bi se lahko posušila, ampak me to ne moti preveč 🙂

  2. 8. 8. 2017 / 8:55

    Carske šminke. Občutek na ustnicah prijeten, barve super, obstojnost tudi zagotovljena … kaj bi človek želel več. 😀