Essence fall/winter 2017 – new products wishlist!

My my, how the tables have turned. I remember how I was lusting after Tarte and Too Faced products years ago, over excited by everything I was being told online by Youtube celebrities. Now, I’ve learned to look closer to home for good products. More often than not, I find them in the Catrice and Essence stands. This makes me super happy and my wallet as well. Let’s take a look at some Essence products that I’m most excited about – and stay tuned for the Catrice launches tomorrow!

Essence fall winter 2017 wishlist: eyes

Most of these are hitting the stands in our stores as we speak. Some of you already got your hands on them, but quite a few readers have been asking for my wishlist to see what they should get. I say – experiment. The products are really inexpensive so the gamble is low. But here is my wish list anyway.

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence moonlight eyes

I definitely need some of the cream eyeshadows Moonlight eyes (4 shades, 3,29€). These look like a much less expensive version of the Color Tattoos and I love those but the fact is they dry out fast and are not really inexpensive. I use them all over the lid and then just build the crease – my eye look is done in a minute. The lightest shade can also be used as a base for more vibrant colors.

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence Instant Volume Boost mascara

There are new mascaras hitting the stores – I’ve had some good experience with Essence in that department lately so I’ll definitely be getting the #lashes of the day volume mascara (2,79€) and the Instant volume boost mascara (3,29€). For that price, I can afford to test both and I’ll definitely report back!

Essence fall winter 2017 wishlist: face

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence strobing contouring palette

The contour trend still isn’t going anywhere and whilst I’m afraid Essence is a bit late to the game, they still released a strobing and contouring palette (7,49€) with ten different shades to really cover all the basis. I don’t yet own a cream contour palette so I’ll try to get my hands on this one if I can.

Essence fall winter 2017 wishlist: nails

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence loose glitter

Every single winter I’m disgusted with myself for not owning any proper glitter for festive nails once December comes. I’ll stock up early this time with the loose glitter (2,19) properly named party/fame/rock in a bottle. These will certainly come in handy for creating some cool manicures.

Essence fall winter 2017 Brushed metals nail polish

I also like the look of the brushed metals nail polish collection (2,19 pp). These come in matte, satin or sandy effect and I’m excited to play around with them. I think that 02 – Can’t stop the feeling and 05 – I’m cool with it will be my favorites.

Essence fall winter 2017 Metal Shock Nail Powder

I’m also already a proud owner of two Metal shock mirror effect dusts (3,29€ each) but I’m waiting for the perfect chance to try them out. I think it’s a cool idea to make your manicure a bit different in a simple and fast way.

Essence fall winter 2017 wishlist: lips

Essence fall winter 2017 essence metal shock liquid lipstick

Essence is definitely jumping on the metallic train which I’m not a fan of, so I’ll skip the Metal shock liquid lipsticks (3,59€). Still, I know that many of you out there are excited for them so I wanted to show them off.

Essence fall winter 2017 Ultra Last Instant Color Lipsticks

What interests me more is the Ultra Last Instant Color lipsticks (2,49€) which come in 20 shades and I’m sure that I’ll find at least a few that I’ll like – from the photos (left to right) I’m liking the 12 – Head to ma toes, 13 – Undying blossom and 04 – Catch up red. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these don’t dry my lips and have good staying power.

Essence fall winter 2017My favorite lip liners ever are from Essence (read about them *here*) and they now released a new line of Soft Contouring lip liners (1,19€) which I definitely have to get. For that price, they’re a steal!

There are soooo many more new things coming to the stores that a visit to the Essence stand is a definite must. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Essence (and also Catrice) offer great value for money and are a great brand if you want to play around with recent trends and still have money to eat 🙂 Remember – I’ll be showing you my Catrice wishlist tomorrow. Until then, stay beautiful!

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