Today, I’m in the mood for something different. This is a very popular topic in the beauty community – which Youtube beauty vloggers do we watch, who has the scoop on the newest items in the market, who is lying and who is telling the truth, whom do we trust and why. I don’t like repeating myself too often so here they are – my top 5 foreign beauty Youtubers. I’m also planning a post about my favorite Slovenian beauty Youtubers very soon. Hopefully, you’ll find someone new to enjoy in my top picks.

5th place: Zabrena

This beautiful redhead provides great make-up looks, especially ON POINT eyeshadows. She also provides I believe are honest reviews of trendy make-up products. You should also check out her Frugal Fridays series for some great tips to save money. Zabrena’s videos are never too long and rarely exceed 10 minutes, so she’s often my little make-up fix while I’m waiting for the pasta to cook.


4th place: Gothamista

Gothamista is nothing but serious when it comes to skincare. She had problems with skin in her youth and since then, she’s been on the hunt for the best (luxury and drugstore) skincare products. She’s the one I trust the most on reviews for new skincare and Korean beauty. Throw a bit of DIY in the skincare department in there and voila – you’ve got a channel you should definitely check out before investing in that 70€ moisturizer.


3rd place aaand bronze medal: Raw Beauty Kristi

Kristi was in top six in last year’s NYX Face Awards but for some reason or another, she didn’t stick in my head back then. I discovered her a few months ago and I’m about half way through her entire channel history. She is funny as F (also, should sometimes be PG rated) and not the average beauty queen of Youtube we’re all used to, but beautiful nevertheless. She carries her heart on her sleeve and I feel that she can’t really pretend, so I trust her opinions 100 %. Also, never click out of her videos early – you’ll be sorry if you miss the bloopers! The video below speaks volumes about her character.


2nd place, earning the silver:  Wayne Goss

Well, I guess that one really big Youtuber is bound to make this list, right? What I love, love, love about Wayne is his no-nonsense approach to make-up and beauty. He’s big on criticizing trends which should be illegal and first to point out what you can do to enhance your natural beauty without wearing a ton of make-up. I trust his reviews 100 % as I’ve tried many of his recommendations and I haven’t been disappointed so far. He’s also super funny, so there.  I’ve probably watched this video below 10 times before and it still makes me laugh out loud.


First place and GOLD medal goes to: STEPHANIE NICOLE

It’s simple with Stephanie – you’ll either love her to death or hate her. I fall into the first category and while her videos often go well over 30 minutes, they’re still too short for my liking. She is the queen of detailed reviews – if there is something you wanted to know about a certain palette or lipstick – cost per gram, ingredients, packaging, dupes and so forth – Stephanie has you covered. Just to make an example – I would say that an average review of an eyeshadow palette is 30 minutes long and you won’t even see the swatches until 15 minutes in. I’ve learned a lot from her and as a beauty industry insider, she always amazes me with her eye for detail. She also speaks her mind about the ethical side of the beauty industry which I’m a big fan of (in case you missed my post about that – you can find it *here*). Overall, 6/5 for Steph, she’s a must watch for every beauty lover. As an example of an excellent review I’m linking her video about Morphe, since I know that many of you are interested in that brand.


Honorary mention for the most unique one in my subscription box goes to Pompberry. She is an incredibly talented MUA who’s been in the Top 12 for the US NYX face awards for two years running now. If you want to relax and see some magic happen in front of your eyes, click on the video below. And until next time, stay beautiful!


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  1. Mrha
    20. 9. 2017 / 10:30

    STEPHANIE NICOLE je res carica in njene ocene so res zakon. 🙂 Zdaj že nekaj časa nisem pogledala nobenega njenega videa, ampak vidim da jo moram spet malo prečekirat. 🙂

    • Maša Muster
      20. 9. 2017 / 21:24

      Jaz dobesedno VSE spustim iz rok, če le lahko, in tečem gledat, ko mi piska opozorilo za novo objavo. Edina, za katero imam nastavljen notification! 🙂

  2. 20. 9. 2017 / 10:54

    Na mojem seznamu najbljubših so skoraj vsi, ki si jih omenila tudi ti, zame pa sta novi Gothamista in Zabrena. Grem počekirat 🙂

    Super objava!

    • Maša Muster
      20. 9. 2017 / 21:23

      Hvala Sara 🙂 Zabrena je res tak quick fix, Gothamisto pa jaz gledam z mojim “skincare” zvezkom in kulijem v roki. Sem se ogromno naučila od nje, tako da če te zanima nega, resnično priporočam!

  3. 20. 9. 2017 / 11:30

    Si mi dala nekaj idej za nove Youtube kanale! Super objava! xx

    • Maša Muster
      20. 9. 2017 / 21:22

      Čisto vsi so super, res priporočam (samo da ne bom potem jaz kriva, ko boš preveč časa na YT) 😀

  4. 21. 9. 2017 / 21:13

    Gothamisto in Gossa spremljam tudi sama. Čeprav Gossa vedno manj. Se mi zdi, da se mu določene tematike videev stalno ponavljajo. Mi je pa všeč njegov sarkazem in kratki videi :).