5 things beauty bloggers shouldn’t be doing – at all!

This post is something that I started writing a long time ago. First, it started off as a joke, but now, its contents gained on importance and became much more serious. Today, I want to share my look at the beauty community and things that beauty bloggers – myself included – should not be doing – at all.

1) Making snap reviews of products

beauty bloggers

Opening a PR package on Monday and posts on social media on Friday? If we’re talking about a liquid lipstick or a bronzer, I’m game – I think you only need to wear a lipstick a couple of times to know if you like it or not. But what about skincare? I cannot even count all possible brand collaborations I lost because I wasn’t prepared to play their game and write reviews in a matter of weeks. I think thank it takes me a couple of weeks to form a proper opinion on make-up removers, perhaps certain masks, but every else takes months. I know that brands prefer quick reviews, but I believe that quick and sloppy reviews harm both bloggers and readers alike.

2) Non-stop spamming with paid posts / advertisements

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Let’s get one thing straight first – I have nothing against paid posts, as long as the brand is paying for the blogger to review the product, and doesn’t influence the opinion. If the brand is paying for a blogger to give a positive review about a brand – well, that’s a whole other story. InstaStories so full of tagged brands that I can’t even click right, blogs where I can’t find a single negative review, fake product placements… these things come in all shapes and sizes. It used to get me really angry, but right now, I tend to look away and just distrust the person from then on. Quite simple, really.

3) “You need this”

beauty bloggers

I am totally guilty of this, but then one day last year I stopped, thought about what I was saying and I really try not to repeat it at all. Sometimes, I really get excited about a certain product and at times like that, I want everyone to try it out and see for themselves how great it is. But – do you “need it”? Besides basic needs, like food, water,shelter and such – people don’t really “need” a lot.  And a new liquid lipstick is really, really low down the list.

4) “Don’t buy that”

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The alternative to “you need this” is the “don’t buy it” sentence. Everyone comes with their own skin, tastes, needs and wants. If I don’t like something – better be sure I’ll be telling you about it. I will also tell you why I don’t like it. But if you think that this would be a good purchase for you, then go for it! I’m not the one that should be telling you not to do it. My opinion is my own and you have a good head on your shoulders to think for yourself. A certain shampoo may not be good for my ggreasy scalp, but will be great for your dry one. If I don’t enjoy the vanilla smell of a lipstick, then perhaps you’ll love it if you enjoy that fragrance. If you want to buy a product just because your favorite YouTuber uses it, you have every right to do so – and no beauty blogger should be telling you not to buy it.

5) Concealing facts

beauty bloggers

There are quite a few things that fit into this category but I’ll try to make things short. If the only thing a blogger has to say about a 50 € serum is that it smells nice and the bottle is pretty, I can’t shake the feeling that there is something missing, don’t you agree? Perhaps something that the blogger doesn’t want to talk about? I find this the exact same thing as lying about a product in general. The same goes for brand collaborations. Abroad, there are already laws for influencers and marking paid advertisements, but over here, everyone deals with it in his own way. In my blogs, you’ll always be able to tell if I bought the product, was sent the product or if it’s a paid post. I think that’s only fair to the readers.

Sure, all bloggers make mistakes, me included. We’re only people and I hope we learn something from these mistakes. But I think that our relationship with readers and followers should be fair and honest and following the rules above would help a lot! What’s your opinion on this topic? Until next time, stay beautiful!

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My make-up collection: why I never have and never will show it to you?

make-up collection

Every once in a while, I get the urge to write a post that’s only indirectly connected to beauty and make-up. Today’s one of those days. I often get requests by my readers through different social media to show my make-up collection and my answer is always the same: thank you, but no thank you. Why?

Let’s take a look at the photo above for a moment. This is a photo from my latest blog post about new products I bought or received in the past month. Mostly, the ratio between the products I get in PR and products I buy stands at about 80 % – 20 %. When I started blogging, I bought most, if not all, products myself. I didn’t mind it – and I still don’t – since I love blogging because of my passion for everything pretty and not just to hoard products. I have enough to last me a lifetime.

If we stop to further observe the photo, I can tell you that I did my best to sum up the approximate value of the products above. Without special promotions, the products are worth about 570 €. Let’s say it together, slowly – 570 €, half of the average Slovenian monthly salary. If we multiply this by 12 months, we get the number of 6.800 € – so six average Slovenian monthly salaries. Do you think that purchasing this many products is something you should strive for?

I don’t either.

And let’s get things straight – there are many bloggers in Slovenia that receive so much PR they could come to a much, much higher figure. Personally, I’ve started being more rational recently. When I get the option to choose PR products myself, I only include those that I know I will more likely use. I think that one swatch of a black lipstick isn’t worth the fact that this lipstick will later die a lonely death somewhere in the bottom of my drawers since neither I nor my friends will want it anymore. It takes a lot of work to write a post about a single product – there is no way that I could write about all the products I get sent on a monthly basis.

make-up collection

As a beauty blogger, I’m very lucky to get the chance to work with different comapnies, try out new products and discover new trends. We get products sent without charge and sometimes even earn money from blogging. I’m happy when companies think of me and even happier for my beauty blogging colleagues who earn a living by blogging. That was never my goal and still isn’t  – but that’s a topic for another time and place. But let’s get to the point – the fact that some of us have 200 lipsticks, 30 foundations and 100 nail polishes absolutely doesn’t mean you need them too. Here are a few reasons why.

1) I’m sure that at least occasionally, you have a rushed morning and want to put on make-up as quickly as possible. Can you imagine wanting to put on that “perfect red” listick and then spend the next 10 minutes looking for it in your drawers? If I want to wear a certain listick, I need to prepare it a day in advance – like a school girl laying out clothes.

Trust me, you don’t need that stress.

2) In my posts, I often compare different shades. Sometimes I can find similar dupes for a certain lipstick with three other brands. This will help you choose the best formula and price range for yourself. But for me, that means that I have four practically identical lipsticks.

I have them for a reason – but you don’t need them.

make-up collection

3) Make-up has an expiration date. Yes, like yoghurt or cheese, make-up tends to go bad (dries up, starts crumbling, changes consistency) and can even become dangerous (you can most easily identify that if they change the color or the scent). On every product, you can find a small label at the bottom, telling you how long you have after opening the product to use it up. After that, it’s your gamble. The problem is that with a piece of cheese, you can clearly see when it’s gone bad and it has to be trashed – but what about with lipstick? Are you sure that the make-up you’re applying is safe? For that reason, I swatch most of the old make-up on hands only. I have old make-up in my collection that I really cannot use anymore and only takes up space so I can do comparisons.

You don’t need old and expired make-up.

make-up collection

This year, I set myself two very clear goals to see how much make-up and cosmetics in general I use up in a year. This will also be the topic of this years Blogmas (that’s stil faaar away at the moment). As a true geek, I set up some projects and hypothesis so I believe there will be more then enough topics to cover in December. In the mean time, you can read about my Project pan for 2018 *here*. I’m also starting a new project with a fellow blogger in a week or so.

To sum up – please, don’t make it your goal in life to have a large make-up collection. Don’t forget that the large collections you see on blogs and YouTube are mostly PR and that women wouldn’t spend their own money to build such collections. You don’t have to, either. Let bloggers test 30 different concealer shades and test 10 almost identical moisturizers for you. Then choose the ones you think will work for you and only buy those. Buy products that you fall in love with and not products you think you need just because everyone else has them already. Believe me that you’ll appreciate your decisions on the long run. Personally, I feel that by posting my own make-up collection, I’d contribute to the problem, so that’s why I’ll never do it.

Do you agree with me? I’ll be happy to read your opinion below. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Blogmas 2017 #9: Blogging lessons from 2017

The year’s about to come to an end and as always, it’s time to take a step back and look at the results. From blogging point of view, 2018 was great for me and hopefully, this trend will continue into 2018. Today, I want to share some lessons that I learned in the past year and really tell you what beauty blogging means to me.

Lesson #1 of beauty blogging: Invest time and effort into brands that are close to you

beauty blogging

In the past, I received PR packages and then panicked until I tested them all and wrote the necessary blog posts. Now, I’m much more picky about what I’ll try out, both in make-up and skincare. I don’t work with brands I don’t believe in, but I try really hard to support those that are close to me. And no, despite a few offers, I still haven’t taken money for my posts. This year, the brand family that I’m happy to participate with has grown quite a lot. It was joined by Mirta, Natura Siberica, The Body Shop, Yankee Candle, Yanumi, Dr. Organic, La Roche-Posay, Paese and many others. These are brands that try to do well and even more often, brands that find sustainability important. Of course, a part of my heart (and my blog) is still reserved for brands that have been with me from the start – Nivea, Catrice, Essence and L.O.V, Avon, L’Occitane, Melvita, Medex and others.

Lesson #2 of beauty blogging: Stress less, laugh more

beauty blogging

I didn’t get a brand collaboration I really wanted? I didn’t get invited to an event? The photo on the Instagram didn’t get almost any likes? SO WHAT! Brands that want to work with me know why they chose me. Events are nice, but not the only thing in the world (which is also why I missed quite a few this year) and the likes on photos can be attributed to a dozen factors. A year or so ago, I would stress endlessly about these things, but now I just wave them off and make a cool looking smiling selfie instead. The world instantly seems brighter.

Lesson #3 of beauty blogging: Invest in equipment

beauty blogging

This year, I had to find space in my home for new lights, backdrops and tons of decorations for photos. But even more importantly, our family extended by one Canon named Lucy. As you can see, the blog is also now separated into English and Slovenian page, which took quite a bit of work (and will take lots more) and was also quite an investment. But it’s totally worthy it. I feel so lucky every time someone notices the changes on my blog and I’m also much happier with the photos now. Beauty blogging is not a source of income for me, but I still want my blog to be as pretty as possible while also keeping the quality of contents in check.

Lesson #4 of beauty blogging: Everything is easier with friends by your side

beauty blogging

The universe was kind enough to send three amazing women into my life. Each day, they make me laugh and fill me with positive energy. We share the good, the bad and the ugly, blogging adventures and personal lives. Gabi, Metka, Maja – I love you. Hopefully, 2018 will be a great year for our friendship.
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