Beautyful Bloggers Meetup 2017

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Nika Veger

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Nika Veger

The day of Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp is one of the days I look forward to the most during the entire year. A day spent with incredible girls, many of whom I call friends, talking, trying out new cosmetics, gossip, good food, great lectures and amazing energy. This year, Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp was organized for the third time in a row and as always, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Thank you Nika (Beautyfull Blog) for all your efforts and for making it an amazing experience! Also big thanks to Peter Poles who made sure that the conference stayed on schedule and entertained us with his quick thinking and witty comebacks throughout the day.

Today, I want to show you a bit of what was happening throughout the day and talk about it. Tomorrow, I’ll already show you the gifts we brought back home and what I’ll be testing throughout the next couple of months.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp ~ morning

Melvita breakfast Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

We were greeted at the conference by Melvita. They armed us with great and super useful goodie bags and also prepared breakfast for us.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Irena Dezelak

After quick chit-chat and hugs, it was time for the first lecture of the day. Irena Deželak talked to us about our feelings, motives and goals for our blogs, as well as our personal responsibility toward our audience. I’ve hear lectures similar to this quite a few times now but they always get under my skin, so I found it to be the perfect start to the morning.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Tesa Jurjasevic

After a quick chit-chat with Tesa Jurjaševič about what it means to be a blogger and the new Vichy ambassador…

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp Lena Gregorcic

… we headed into a different hall for the second lecture of the day by Lena Gregorčič. Lena is a SEO expert and this was her second time giving lecture at BBMU conference. I think that she did a wonderful job and my notebook is filled with things I need to check, additional questions and topics that probably need my attention. View Post

1st Beautyfull Bloggers Conference – Early Christmas for Slovenian Beauty Bloggers

I already wrote a post about everything exciting that happened at the first Beautiful Bloggers Meetup in Ljubljana a week ago, but I didn’t want to go into all the presents that the wonderful sponsors and partners prepared for every blogger at the event.

Most of us had problems carrying everything home, since all the bags together weight close to 20 kg. And let me tell you – the next morning when I was opening the bags, it really was like Christmas. Thank you to every one of the companies – I am super excited to try everything out and to include my reviews in my #blogvember project, which is just around the corner.

Without further ado, here is everything I got in the bags (minus notebooks, pencils and similar), hopefully in alphabetical order of the companies. The reviews won’t come in the same order, though, since some products require more testing than others. But if you’re really anxious to hear about anything as soon as possible, let me know in the comments below.


Afrodita was the general sponsor of the conference. Bag included: Extra sensitive intimate wash – delicate care, Argan Oil – total repair (6 in 1), Sugar scrub for body (brown sugar and shea butter) and samples of Pearl Prestige skincare line.


Alessandro bag included: a nail file, Mini nail polish from the new winter line, Take Off nail polish remover gel, a lovely USB stick with PR materials and a Veggie nail cream.


Aussie provided us with full size Repair Miracle shampoo and conditioner. Everything was nicely packaged in a bag, but unfortunately, mine ripped somewhere in the schlepping process.


Avon bag provided us with: Advance Techniques Supreme oils, their new Eyeshadow Primer and Rollerball Attraction Eau de parfum.


Both Biotherm and Lacome products were included in the same bag. From Biotherm we received Fresh Foam Hydra Toning Cleanser, Instant hydration toning lotion, Aquasource gel and a little somethin’ for our boys who waited patiently at home: Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Young Reshaping Cream.

Lancome portion of the bag consisted of: Beauty Sleep Perfector, a deluxe sample of La Vie Est Belle eau de parfum and Hypnose Volume-a-Porter mascara.


Catrice had such a pretty bag (as did Essence) and it included: Chocolate Nudes Palette, Utimate nail lacquer (It’s a very berry bash) and Glossy lip Glow.


Online store Click 2 Chic didn’t give us a bag, but rather a great box (which will come handy in the future). It included: Subrina Vitamines & Strength Shampoo and Balsam and yummy Darkest Blood Orange body butter.


Curaprox was an unexpected partner, but I was excited to see their booth. They gave us their Superduo (Mind the Gap) which consists of a toothbrush and a nifty tool for interdental cleaning.


I’ve only ever used their bath salts before and now I’ve got a whole bunch of products: Funky Coconut Creamy hand gel, Energy Tonic – Face & Body mist and a Lip Balm (strawberry).


Essence had a pink theme going on, since their bag included: All about roses Eyeshadow Palette, The Gel nail polish and Liquid lipstick (Show off!).


Eucerin bag was another surprise, and inside I found the Anti-age Hyaluron Filler CC Cream (Medium).


Another brand I’ve never heard of before, GD, gave us: Shower gel in pomegranate apple, Deodorant roll-on in pomegranate apple and a Deodorant pump spray in pomegranate apple.


Golden rose bag included their bestselling Ultra Volume X4 Mascara and Color expert Nail Lacquer (36). They also gave us a voucher which we can use for a lipstick of our choice in their stores.


I’ve heard of this brand but never tried their products yet. The bag provided us with: Moisturizing cream for sensitive skin and a whole bunch of mini and deluxe samples which will be great to really introduce me to their products.


Again, a new brand for me, and I would give them the reward for the loveliest booth at the event. They gave us a full size Botanical Cologne Eau Aimable and the Smile Lip Balm (Orange blossom aroma).

LICILA.SI never fail to impress with their surprises. In my bag, I found: Uma Cosmetics Long Lasting Lipstick (Natalia in Portland), I Heart Makeup Black Velvet Palette Montagne Jeunesse Blemish mud and the Strawberry Souffle from the same brand, two packs of Twigs breast lifters and again from Twigs, Anti-rub gel skin protectant.


I almost left without their bag and I would have been disappointed if that happened. Inside, I found: Danish Rose Floral Water and Plumping Radiance Cream View Post

Top 5 moments from the 1st Beautiful Bloggers Meetup

Yes, the first Slovenian Beauty Bloggers Conference (#bbmulj) happened this Friday. I am still trying to process it all (and find my way through all the gifts), but nevertheless, here are my top 10 moments from the event!

1. The venue

Grand Hotel Union has the perfect location in the city center close to the bus and train station. The staff was very helpful and friendly and no little detail was left to chance.

Source: Hotel webpage

2. The participants

I met all of my fellow bloggers for the first time and without exception, they were all very pleasant and friendly. I look forward to sharing more wonderful moments with them in the future. A special shout-out, however, goes to Nika from Beautyfull Blog who made the event happen, so go follow her and tell her I sent you 🙂

3. The refreshments

I was so busy stuffing my mouth I forgot to take any decent photos, but I will insert one here from my fellow blogger Simona from Beauty of a lemon. Everything I put in my body that day was healthy and delicious at the same time, very appropriate for such an event! View Post