What I am buying myself before Christmas

There are so many things I find while randomly browsing online and I never actually get around to buying them. But I decided that that will change this year. I work hard for 12 months, hardly ever take any time for myself and I deserve a treat. But since I will already be getting a bunch of presents for Christmas, I plan to do some Pre-Christmas shopping. This is my list.

1. Yankee Candle: Cosy by the fire

Photo: Yankee Candle Webpage

Cosy by the fire perfectly describes how I would like to spend December this year, but it’s also a name of a Yankee candle. This candle includes the smells of ginger, cloves and orange as the main notes and as much as I don’t think that the Yankee Candles are the best candles ever, I still like to have one handy for those cold winter nights when a candle or two brighten up the mood in the living room. Find this (and many other alluring candles) here for 11,90 € for medium sized candle.

2. Lush bath bomb: Shooting for the stars

Photo: Lush online store

Honey and caramel? Sign me up. This bath bomb from Lush is called Shooting for the stars and I need one (or two, or, you know, a couple) in my life. I need to do an online purchase though because I know that if I set foot in the actual Lush store, we will only be eating potatoes for the rest of December. Find it here for 5,95 € for 200g.

3. Carpisa: Hard Toiletry Bag

Photo: Carpisa IT

If you’re a traveler like myself and always worry about what is happening to your make-up in the back of the car or in the airplane cargo space, you need one of these. It’s the Carpissa Hard Beauty Toiletry Bag and I find it a must for everyone who values their foundation bottle over their life. Naturally, it won’t hold all of the make-up that I necessarily want to bring with me, which is why I will probably afford myself two of them. You can find it in Carpisa stores for 19,99 €.

4. Smile Concept store: Happy Lights

Photo: Smile Concept Store

I know that these lights would certainly make me happy every evening I would turn them on. And since I deserve to be happy, why not? You can find them at Smile Concept store in shop or online for 29,40 €.

What are you treating yourself with this month? Let me know (and give me some ideas) in the comments below. And as always, stay beautiful!