Decluttering like a pro: everyday cosmetics (a long post!)

Every single time I bring home a new product, I feel the need to use it right away. It doesn’t really matter if I already have 3 hair sprays opened, or 5 body lotions – surely, this new one will be so utterly superior to them that I will throw the old ones away and only use the new one for the rest of my life. Sounds familiar? If it does, then you probably have seen something like this before.

Every once in a while, I reach a point when everything starts falling out, I have no place for new things and I really, really need to clean stuff out. So I did something similar as with nail polishes – got everything out and went through it. Here are the results with small reviews on each of the products and whether I tossed or kept it. I suggest you get a snack, since it’s going to be a long post!

Let’s start with hair products.

L’Oreal Elnett de Luxe – strong hold which also offers extra heat protection. I don’t like the pump, would prefer a spray, but it’s a good hold, and I don’t really use hair spray all that much. Keeping.

Taft Cashmere Touch Power Spray. This was sitting in the back of the closet for about 2 years and I distinctly remember why I stopped using it – it made my hair so hard that I had problems combing through it after I used it. Trash.

Aiko Styling Heat Protecting Spray. I did not know it was a Müller brand until this very moment. Did not care for this product – I didn’t see any difference in how my hair behaved or how good it looked whether I used it or not. Trash.

Syoss Anti-Grease dry shampoo. This smells like lemon, which I like a lot since it makes my hair smell fresh. It does work to give second day hair a bit of volume, but I wouldn’t necessarily use it instead of washing my hair after that. Good value for money – lasts a long time. Keeping.

Nivea Volume Sensation Styling Mousse. Number 4 (out of 5) – extra strong. I normally put it into wet hair before washing to give it a little extra volume around the base. There’s not really that much left, so I am keepingit.

In my previous post about hair botox I talked about the frizz in my hair and their general dullness. I have quite a few products to combat that, not including the Morrocan oil and Keraste oils I just purchased.

Smooth ‘n Shine Polishing spray-on polisher. I bought this in USA on a whim when I didn’t have anything to tame my hair with me. Actually produced by Schwarzkopf. I apply it to wet hair when I want it to look great but with the consequence of having to wash it the next day. Perfect for vacation when your hair is exposed to sun and heat every day. Keeping.

Balea Blond Glanz Kur. I’m not blonde anymore, so I have no need for something that would make my blonde hair more shiny. I will not pass this on since it’s pretty old anyhow. Trash.

Syoss Shine-Sealing Finish Fluid for normal-dull hair. It’s very similar to the Pantene Serum. I like it a lot – pump gives out exactly as much as I need for the entire length of my hair. Mostly natural ingredients. Keeping. This will last me forever.

Pantene Split End Mender Serum for normal – thick hair. It’s a serum with oily consistency for dry ends. Nothing special, but it makes the hair look a little bit less frizzy. Keeping.

Klas Revital Silicone. I’ve been forbidden by my hairdresser to use silicone on my hair since it apparently makes a coat around the hair which prevents the color from getting to it properly – meaning that if you apply silicone product to a piece of your hair (as I applied this to the roots), then chances are the color on this part will eventually not match the rest of your hair. View Post