Pregnancy Q&A

I know that many of you are still young and not really thinking about kids yet, but there are quite a few readers and bloggers who have been following me on this journey from the big fat positive to birth of my beautiful baby boy and I’m grateful for all the positive vibrations and nice wishes I got along the way. Since it’s my rambling day, I thought I’d do a Q&A tag about my pregnancy (I borrowed the questions from Beautifymeeh blog). Spoiler: my pregnancy was great so don’t freak out before you read through 🙂

1. When were you due?

I was due March 25th(Mother’s day over here) but the baby decided to hang tight for a week longer and arrived on 1st of April, making a fool out of both of us (we were hoping for April 2nd since it’s also my hubby’s b-day and it would be a special bond for them to share).

2. Can different emotions from a mother affect the baby inside in any way?

I firmly believe they do. I could feel him moving around a lot more when I was stressing out at work, even if I was just sitting behind my desk. Happiness and overall well-being are key to a nice pregnancy.

3. Exercise for pregnant women?

I did regular pilates until about 6 months. Then, I switched to pregnancy pilates. I also did a lot of Kegel exercises and breathing techniques. Otherwise, I just went for walks as much as I could. Regardless of pregnancy, I continued with my daily life until about 36 weeks (out of 40 or better said, 41 for me).

4. Did you do a natural birth or a C-section?

I gave birth naturally – but that’s a whole other story. It was great, by the way.

5. Did your baby move a lot?

He had a nice pattern where he would be awake for most of the night and up until 8 or 9 a.m., then sleep while I was at work and have another afternoon session of exercise. I learned when to expect the movements so I didn’t panic in between. In the end I could also tickle him awake 🙂 (naughty mummy!)

6. What did you eat the most?

I ate pretty much my standard diet, but I had more meat then usual when I only have it about twice a week. View Post