Secrets of Dvorec Trebnik products

Trebnik Mansion, geddit? The brand I want to write about today is actually named Dvorec (i.e. Mansion) Trebnik, but it sounds much more exotic the other way around in English, so I’ll roll with it. 

I’ve been obsessed with Dvorec Trebnik bath salts for about a year now and haven’t used anything else since I first purchased them. For some reason unknown to mankind, I have not tried any of their other products until we got a nice goody bag at the Beauty Bloggers Meetup (which I keep mentioning and will mention throughout Blogvember, so get used to it) full of products from their DT line.

Inside the bag, we found three products and I’ve been using two of them non-stop for the past couple of weeks. First, I want to talk about the DT Energy tonic – a refreshing face and body mist. View Post