Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp- gifts and goodies to try out!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp presents

Yesterday, I wrote a long post about everything that happened at this year’s biggest beauty bloggers conference in Slovenia – Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp. You can find the post *here*. I already showed all the gifts on my Insta Live, but just in case you missed it, I wanted to do a post and show you everything I’ll be testing in the next couple of months. Some of these I will also put in future giveaways so keep your eyes open for those! The sponsors and gifts come in no particular order. Some of them have a promo code for you to use – I’ll include it in the description!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #1 – L’Occitane

Terre de Lumiere L'Occitane Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

L’Occitane kindly gifted us their new Eau de Toilette Terre De Lumiere from their new Christmas line. I am not the biggest fan of the original Terre De Lumiere fragrance but this one is much more gentle and perfect for me. They also kindly printed out our photos on little magnets ~ now, I have a daily reminder of my blogger friends.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #2 -Aikon Academy

Aikon Wrinkle Catcher 3 in 1 Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Aikon Academy’s gift was the Aikon Wrinkle Catcher 3 in 1. I’m still unsure as to what this is, exactly, since the box claims it’s a daily moisturizer but it’s silicone based and contains retinol which is not something I associate with daily skincare. I’ll definitely report back on this one.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #3 – Alterna Haircare & Olapley & Med in mleko hair salon

Caviar Anti Aging hair care Olaplex Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

I’m a sucker for good hair care products which is why I also visit a salon that uses Olaplex during the coloring procedures on my hair. We received a bunch of goodies from Alterna Caviar Anti-aging line in a cute little bag and the Olaplex #3 which is perfect for home use. We also get to try out the procedure with Olaplex #2 in Med and mleko hair salons which would probably be a post that would interest most of you – am I right about that?

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #4 –  Ars Florae Gardenia

Melvita breakfast Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Ars Florae Gardenia made the whole conference special with these wonderful centerpieces and decoration of the halls. They’re my go-to florist, especially during the holidays, so I was super excited to learn about the current Christmas trends from the masters. I unfortunately forgot to collect my little plant, but as I lack the so called green thumb, I’m sure it will be better off with them. Nevertheless, thank you Gardenia!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #5 – Afrodita Cosmetics

Afrodita Salt Scrub body souffle Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Afrodita proudly took home the award for best Slovenian brand and I’m 100 % on board with that. They are stepping up the game with their Afrodita Professional skincare line to the point where I don’t need to look across borders for good skincare anymore. Anyway, they gifted us the new Salt Scrub and body souffle with argan oil and lavender essential oil and the new Nourish-Gold therapy body milk (I got to choose this one for myself). Very excited to try them all out since I loved the previous strawberry version of the body souffle and salt scrub!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #6 – Avon

Avon hand cream nail polish Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Avon included some of their bestsellers – the Planet Spa hand cream with shea butter, 7-1 nail polish (I need to research this a bit more) and a cool eyeshadow, perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #7 – Essence & Catrice

Essence Catrice Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

We actually received most of these before the conference from Essence & Catrice so we could be picture ready on the important day. I’m looking forward to trying out the Time to wake up sheet mask and I really love both the Chrome blush (Essence) and the matte lipstick (Catrice) which I actually really did wear on the day of the conference.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #8 – Fidimed

Fidimed Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Fidimed hooked us up with a bunch of their nutritional supplements to make sure we stay healthy during the winter months. I’m especially looking forward to trying out the mulitQplatinum and I’ve had great experience with immunoGran. It really helps if you take one when you feel a cold catching on or (pro tip) if you’re hungover. Fidimed also prepared a code for you: between 10.11. and 30.11.2017 you can use the code sledKnSvB on their online page for 10 % off any product.

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Now that we’ve gone through my gift guides, I wanted to show you some ideas how to wrap your presents so they look especially nice under the Christmas tree. Naturally, my ideas are only examples of what you can do with a little imagination and a few inexpensive trinkets.

Sedaj, ko sva se sprehodili čez moje ideje za obdarovanje tebi dragih ljudi, ti predstavljam še nekaj idej, kako ta darila zaviti, da bodo pod smrečico izgledala še posebej lepo. Seveda so te moje ideje le nekaj primerov, kaj vse lahko storiš z malo domišljije in nekaj poceni dodatkov.

The key item you’ll need to create such gifts is a hot glue gun. I bought mine (brand Pattex) at a local hardware store and paid about 20 € for it. It also came with four glue inserts. You can get such a gun in every craft store (where you can also buy all the extras) and hardware stores in your country.

Ključna stvar, ki jo boš potrebovala za ustvarjanje takšnih daril, je pištola za vroče lepljenje. Sama sem svojo znamke Pattex kupila v Merkurju in zanjo plačala približno 20 €, pri čemer sem zraven dobila še štiri vložke z lepilom. Dobiš jo tudi v vsaki trgovini z materialom za ustvarjanje (kot je npr. Rayher, kjer sem sama kupila tudi večino dodatkov) ter v vseh tehničnih trgovinah. 

When I’m shopping for the trinkets and accessories, I try to think a broader picture. Sometimes I’ll buy a thing not even being sure what I’ll use it for and it later turns out to be a cute little accessory. One such example are the little bells you’ll see in one of the examples. Personally, I prefer to use the classic brown wrapping paper because the embellishments stand out much more, but I also prepare an example with the classical colorful wrapping paper.

Ko kupujem dodatke, poskušam razmišljati široko. Včasih kupim tudi kakšno malenkost, za katero tisti trenutek ne vem, kako jo bom uporabila, potem pa se izkaže za prisrčen dodatek – tak primer so zvončki, ki sem jih uporabila v enem od primerov. Sama sem pristašica klasičnega rjavega zavijalnega papirja, saj okrasitev pride bolj do izraza, vendar pa sem ti za danes pripravila tudi en primer s klasičnim pisanim zavijalnim papirjem. View Post


Welcome to the last post in the series of gift guides. This time, let me introduce you some gifts that are fun and useful and won’t leave your wallet completely dry. I always have some gifts like these in my care if I run into people I want to gift during the holiday season, but they are also great for those who participate in Secret Santa games.

Pozdravljena v še zadnji od treh objav z idejami za darila. Tokrat ti predstavljam darilca, ki so zabavna in uporabna, pa ne bodo popolnoma izsušila tvoje denarnice. Sama imam vedno nekaj takih darilc v avtu, če v prazničnih dneh naključno srečam koga, ki ga želim obdarovati, dobra pa so tudi za kakšne skrivnostne božičke!

First gift that would be perfect for me is a set of “clothes” for keys. My key for the front door is identical to the one of my parent’s house and I never know which is the right one! Besides that, I find these monkeys adorable, don’t you? They can be bought at Flat online store (5,95 € for the set).

Prvo darilo, ki bi bilo sploh zame zelo uporabno, je set “oblačilc” za ključe. Moj ključ za vhodna vrata in ključ vhodnih vrat pri mojih starših sta namreč popolnoma enaka in nikoli ne vem, kateri je pravi! Poleg tega so tele male opice izredno simpatične, mar ne? Opice so iz trgovine Flat, dobiš pa jih tudi v njihovi spletni trgovini (5,95 € za set).


Next gift is a must-have for every handbag. This cute little sheep acts as a holder for the earphones. Mine travel with me at the bottom of my purse and always get wrapped around the wallet, pens, papers, lipsticks and other clutter in my purse, which often damages them.  Sheep is also from Flat store (8,50€).

Naslednje darilce, ki je verjetno nepogrešljivo v vsaki ženski torbici, je tale simpatična ovčka, na katero se navijejo slušalke. Moje slušalke z menoj potujejo na dnu torbice in se vedno ovijejo okrog denarnice, svinčnikov, računov, šmink in podobnega navlake v torbici, poleg tega pa se pogosto poškodujejo. Ovčka je iz trgovine Flat (8,50€).

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