Buzzfeed make-up?

If you don’t know Buzzfeed, you probably live under a rock. The hugely popular website presents us with videos ranging anywhere from 1 minute to 15 minutes (but usually quite short) about various topics. I love watching a few before going to bed every night, they usually put me in a good mood and today, I want to share with you some of my absolute favorites that revolve around beauty.

#1 What’s the best way to clean your Beautyblender?

We all have our own struggles keeping our make-up sponges clean so I think this is quite a useful video. I use my Freedom Brush Bath with good results, but I have tried a few of these before myself…

#2 Facts that will make you throw away your make-up

I wrote about expiration dates on make-up past Thursday (*click*), but jokes aside, we all know this isn’t a laughing matter. Check out some good tips to keep your skin safe.

#3 If cosmetics ads were honest

How often are you convinced to buy a product simply because what you see in an advertisement? I know I’m a sucker and fall for it every time even though I work in the industry and know how things roll around here. But either way, here are some clips of reality.

#4 Which lipstick lasts the longest?

This is a really good test of different lipstick brands. If you’re on the market for a new lippie (don’t lie, of course you are), then you should take a look at the video below.

#5 Which mascara lasts the longest?

A video similar to the one above, but way funnier. These mascaras were really put to the test in the Mascara Olympics!

#6 Man wear make-up for a week

Last but not least, I wanted to include a funny video. But the coolest thing about this video is that it really shows how make-up can make anyone feel better!

Do you have a favourite Buzzfeed video I should go and watch?

Until next time, stay beautiful!