Lotique Make-up (review & swatches)

Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette and volume mascara

Even though I’m technically on a spending ban until Black Friday sales, I had to break the rule in this instance. Since we don’t get many new brands in Slovenian market, I needed to try some products from Lotique brand. Today, I’m giving you my first impressions on two products – an eyeshadow palette and mascara.

Who is Lotique?

Lotique is a relatively new brand on the Slovenian market, only available in Europark Maribor and their online store. Shopping online in their store is easy, since it’s user friendly, easy to navigate and offers different methods of payment which is still very important in Slovenia. Lotique entered the market with skincare products in 2008 and only recently expanded their offer to make-up. They offer every make-up product you can imagine – for the face (primer, liquid foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer), eyes (individual shadows, palettes, mascaras), lips (lip gloss, lipstick and lip pencil) and a Flash line intended for teenagers, but in my opinion appropriate for everyone.

Lotique eyeshadow palette

Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palette was the first thing to catch my attention while rummaging through the online store, especially since it looks different from most palettes I own. I’ve been trying it out for the past month and now it’s time to share my opinions with you. The palette costs 12,30€ and holds 12 shades meaning that each shade costs just a few cents over 1 Euro – you’ll be hard pressed to find a least expensive palette in the market.


Lotique makeup eyeshadow palette

Unfortunately, the packaging is one of the worst things about this palette. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much more because of the low price. The entire case is plastic and very light. The lid gives me the impression that it will break of eventually. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but this is definitely not a packaging that would withstand some serious trials.

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Essence fall/winter 2017 – new products wishlist!

My my, how the tables have turned. I remember how I was lusting after Tarte and Too Faced products years ago, over excited by everything I was being told online by Youtube celebrities. Now, I’ve learned to look closer to home for good products. More often than not, I find them in the Catrice and Essence stands. This makes me super happy and my wallet as well. Let’s take a look at some Essence products that I’m most excited about – and stay tuned for the Catrice launches tomorrow!

Essence fall winter 2017 wishlist: eyes

Most of these are hitting the stands in our stores as we speak. Some of you already got your hands on them, but quite a few readers have been asking for my wishlist to see what they should get. I say – experiment. The products are really inexpensive so the gamble is low. But here is my wish list anyway.

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence moonlight eyes

I definitely need some of the cream eyeshadows Moonlight eyes (4 shades, 3,29€). These look like a much less expensive version of the Color Tattoos and I love those but the fact is they dry out fast and are not really inexpensive. I use them all over the lid and then just build the crease – my eye look is done in a minute. The lightest shade can also be used as a base for more vibrant colors.

Essence fall winter 2017 Essence Instant Volume Boost mascara

There are new mascaras hitting the stores – I’ve had some good experience with Essence in that department lately so I’ll definitely be getting the #lashes of the day volume mascara (2,79€) and the Instant volume boost mascara (3,29€). For that price, I can afford to test both and I’ll definitely report back!

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Avon Mark: top and flop products

Avon Mark

I am quite partial to Avon Mark line as you may well know if you’ve been following my posts for a while. I love the visual elements of the brand with the stunning black and white prints and combinations that look great both live and on the photos. Since I’ve tried quite a few of their products by now, I chose the top (and some flop) products to talk about today.

Avon Mark: lip products

Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick

Let’s start with the lipsticks since I already wrote about them *here*. Mark Plump-it lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, soft and comfortable on the lips. They are also quite long wearing as I can usually get away with re-applying only once every four hours. My favorite shades are Divine Wine, Reddy to go and Rose Kisses.

Avon Mark Plump-it lip gloss

Unfortunately, I’m less impressed by Avon Mark Plump-it lip gloss which is supposed to give you a look of full and plumped-up lips. I wasn’t able to figure out the exact active ingredient (my money is on peppermint) but the tingling that comes with the use is absolutely something I don’t enjoy at all. The shade Mauve is gorgeous to wear independently or over a regular lipstick, but I don’t think we should sacrifice feeling comfortable just to look pretty – do you?

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