The Ordinary skincare products – really that ordinary?

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing around with a new brand in my collection – The Ordinary. It’s one of the brands belonging to a better known Deciem – The Abnormal Beauty Company. But even if The Ordinary wears a really unusual name, there’s nothing ordinary about it… First of all, I like the approach of the brand toward skincare: get good ingredients, pack them into very clean and sensible packaging, give it a good price and the product will sell itself. Considering I’ve had to wait a while for the products to come back in stock to order what I wanted, the logic seems to be working. Also, check out the Deciem online store: they will not only give you the exact specifications for each product, but also suggest a good regimen for your skin. All skincare brands should take a long good look and consider doing something like this on their own. All products are vegan and cruelty free.

Zadnjih nekaj tednov preizkušam znamke meni povsem nove znamke The Ordinary. Gre za podznamko krovne Deciem – The Abnormal Beauty Company.  Čeprav The Ordinary nosi nekoliko nenavadno ime, na njej ni nič običajnega. Všeč mi je pristop znamke k izdelkom: vzameš dobre sestavine, zapakiraš jih v enostavno in razumno embalažo, jim postaviš razumno ceno in izdelki se bodo prodali sami. Glede na to, da sem morala kar nekaj časa čakati, da so bili izdelki, ki sem jih želela, spet na zalogi, ta logika očitno deluje.  Če si ogledaš Deciem spletno trgovino, boš lahko za vsak izdelek prebrala natančne specifikacije, poleg tega pa ti natančno razložijo tudi, kakšen naj bi bil pravilen potek vsakodnevne rutine nege kože. Prav vse znamke bi se lahko iz tega nekaj naučile. Vsi izdelki so primerni za vegane in nis0 testirani na živalih.
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Melvita Pulpe de Rose and Damaske Rose Floral Water

Dear beauties,

those of you who suffer from hormonal imbalance are surely aware of the damage that those pesky hormones can do to your skin. I had little trouble with my skin before I got pregnant, and most of those were due to poor skincare – not taking my make-up of properly, not giving my skin enough hydration, years of reckless tanning without proper protection etc.

But all of the things my face had experienced before were nothing compared to what was happening to my poor skin during pregnancy. You name it, I had it – hyperpigmentation, deep acne, clogged pores. I used the heaviest foundation I own and piled on tons of concealer before I even walked out the door to look barely presentable, but that didn’t exactly help my skin, either.

Fast forward nine months – in the first two weeks after giving birth, the hyperpigmentation was gone but my skin was still in very poor shape. So I decided that I will reduce my make-up and my skincare to a minimum (also due to the fact that I didn’t exactly have the luxury of doing long skincare routines twice a day). And now, five weeks later, my skin is looking quite good if I say so myself, thanks to these two products – Melvita Pulpe de Rose cream and Damascan Rose floral water.

Pulpe de Rose is described as a plumping radiance cream that also battles first wrinkles. It comes in a 40ml tube with a pump, which I find great but I’ll admit that it’s not working as great now when I’m almost done with it, so I’ll probably cut the tube to really get all the product out. Otherwise, a single pump is enough for the entire face. View Post

Avon Nutra Effects daily cream and Luck La Vie Perfume review

Avon Slovenija was very kind and sent me a lovely package containing a lot of goodies a couple of weeks ago.

Inside the package, I found the Nutra Effects daily cream, Luck La Vie Perfume and two of their new summer colors of nail polish in the Avon Glow Nailwear Pro+ line. These two, I’ll save for a separate review, since they absolutely deserve a post of their own (hint, hint), but today, let’s talk skincare first.

Nutra Effects is a relatively new Avon line with active chia seed complex, which certainly counts as an innovative product in my book. The line contains no parabens and colorings. I am drooling over some other products as well, like the Argan infused hair mask or the cleansing foam. But that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, Avon Slovenia sent me the daily cream from the Hydration line intended for dry/normal skin. It promises 24 hours of hydration and I can certainly appreciate such claims in the summer. Extra bonus – this cream also boasts an SPF 15.

If your skin is mixed or on the oily side, you can alternatively go for the Balance line which helps you face stay matte despite the raging heat we’ve been having lately.

I must say I absolutely love this cream. You get 50 ml, which is a good amount, for only 5,50 € (in the catalog valid from 29/7 onward), but it feels like the most luxurious and expensive cream on the planet. I’ve switched out my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for this cream and I must say that Nutra Effects performs better, even if I don’t take the price: quality ratio into account. View Post