New brands: Nabla and L.O.V.

Today, I want to talk very quickly about two new brands that have become available to us beauty junkies in Slovenia and Europe. There is never enough of a good thing, right?

The first brand is Nabla. Currently, they are offered by (*click*) or via their webpage (*click*).

I must say I’m liking what I see. There seems to be a good variety of products, colors and even some limited edition collections, like the Mermaid collection below.

I will try a few products to see if they live up to the hype. I’m particularly interested in the bronzers (obviously), I really need a nude lip liner and I’ll probably add a concealer to the mix. View Post

Essence The Beach house collection

Dear beauties,

we all love new and exciting make-up, right? Well, one of the brands that never fails the make-up junkies such as myself is Essence – a brand I’ve come to know and love especially because of their limited edition collections, particularly their summer and Christmas releases.

In about two weeks, a new collection called The beach house is hitting the shelves of drugstores all around Europe and Slovenia will be no exception. I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on these products!

The collection includes:

two duo eyeshadows (1,99 €)
two lipsticks (2,79 €) with a shiny finish
glow fluid (3,49 €)
duo blush (3,29 €)
kabuki brush (4,49 €)
tip guides (0,99 €)
four different shades of nail polishes (1,99€) and
a beach bag (2,99 €).

I am most definitely going to try to get my hands on the nail polishes since the pink and coral shade look perfect for summer and promise a water shine effect, white polish has a sea-salt effect which I’m curious about and the turquois polish has a matte finish and I don’t own a matte shade in that color – yet.

I’m also getting the tip-guides that come in three different styles – straight (stripes), waves and zig-zag. Since I’m seriously lacking in the steady hand department, these are a must buy for me.

Lately, I’ve begun to use blush a lot more again and I’m looking forward to picking up this interesting duo-blush in pink-coral. And to be honest, I’ll probably walk away from the stand with the glow fluid as well, since I have a hard time saying no to any sort of illuminator.

As I said, the collection will be available from mid June until mid July. I’ll keep you posted on what I think about the collection!

Until next time, stay beautiful!