Adam had Eve, Batman had Robin… and I have my Curaprox Superduo

I have a long lasting affair with Curaprox products. Although I have gone through the first three decades without any problems with my teeth whatsoever (knock on wood), I do contribute a large amount of that luck to the time I invest in dental hygiene and the products I use. Curaprox has been recommended to me by my dentist and I think it’s worth every cent that you pay for their products.

At the Beauty Bloggers Meetup, I received the Curaprox Superduo which includes a CS 5460 ultra soft brush and the CPS prime inter-dental cleaner. You can get yours here for 5,92 €. Considering you will be able to use it for about 3 months, it really is a bargain deal.

Anyway, I immediately opened my package since I haven’t seen this type of inter-dental cleaner before and wanted to try it out. But when doing so, I noticed this great pun in the back I want to share with you.

I love that the set also comes with very detailed instructions. If you’ve never used inter-dental brush before, it can be really handy to check out the instructions beforehand. And be prepared to find some unpleasant truths about your teeth – I know I was quite shocked a few years back, but I’ll spare you the details and let you figure it out for yourselves. View Post