How it all began

It’s not that I don’t care. Because I do.

I always made sure that my hair was clean, my nails were pretty (yes, nail polishes were always a must for me) and that my lips weren’t chapped. I wore foundation, some eye shadow and mascara. An occasional lipgloss, always in pink, because I thought that that was the only color that complimented my blue eyes, blonde hair and light complexion. This brings us to about 5 products.

I am and will always remain a sucker for shampoos and conditioners, because the highlighting leaves my hair somewhat dry. So I always stocked up on those. Also, I used a hairspray. Not counting simple elastic bands, we’re now at 8 products. Of course, I have a face cream, a hand cream and a body lotion. Some sunscreen, Aloe Vera, some perfumes. But I hardly think that counts. And if it does, we still haven’t reached the fairy tale dozen.

In the past, I had sometimes tried to experiment and bought products I didn’t quite know what to use for. I remember buying a liquid eyeliner about five years ago, but telling you that story is a whole new chapter. I bought a brow pencil (at least I think it was a brow pencil, but I am not so sure) to help my over-plucked eyebrows, but as it was the wrong shade I quickly dismissed that idea.

So, you probably get it by now. Not that I didn’t care, I just didn’t put any effort into it. I don’t think that I necessarily looked like a tomboy, but only now I see what I »coullda, shouldda, wouldda«. And it’s ON. Being precise and stubborn by nature, I am taking this on as a project. I will master all things beauty!

And share my insights, learnings, tips, tricks, reviews and stories with all of you as I go.

Be beautiful, stay awesome!