Products I regret buying

I’m sure you all know the feeling when you walk into a store, see this one, shiny, new make-up or beauty item and immediately fall in love with it. Of course it’s coming home with you. You are super excited about it and can’t wait to try it out properly.

So you go into the bathroom and put it on your face or your body and immediately, you are disappointed. You contemplate throwing the product away, but at the same time you also feel the need to use it, since you already spent good money on it, right? Well, below are some products I feel that way about. A word of warning though – these are products that I don’t like or don’t work for me personally, but might work for you. So just some honest opinions, really.

I’ll just quickly mention the Avon Nail polish drying spray. It’s icky, it’s oily and it my opinion, it doesn’t perform. So it’s going straight in the bin. If you want to read more about it, click here.

Next up, we have the Aldo Vandini hydrating face mask with hyaluronic acid and caviar. Sounds great, right? Well, this thing isn’t exactly cheap for a single use product, I think it’s about 1 € (you get two in one packet for about 2 €). But besides that, my skin reaction to this mask was horrible. I felt a tingling sensation when I was putting it on and after the specified ten minutes when I took it off, my face was none the same but for the weird red patches on different areas. I will be throwing this remaining packet away.

Being an Argan addict, I was really happy when I spotted the Dvorec Trebnik argan ointment in the store. Mind you, the price was again quite high, I think it cost about 7 €. It’s a nice product overall, but it is just way too oily to be suitable for someone like me who is always busy with something. I simply don’t have the luxury of putting this on my hands and then sitting around for hours. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this, maybe give it to my grandmother 🙂

I somehow managed to buy two very pink products in the last months. First is the NXY lipstick in Flower. I bought this online and was quite disappointed in the difference between the photo and the real color. With this on my lips, I look like Malibu Barbie. Can’t think of a single occasion when I would wear this, so I’ll probably pass it on.

Another “great” purchase was a Bourjois 1 second silicone texture nail polish in Rose Cupcake. I picked this up in Müller for about 7 € and the moment I applied the first layer to my nails I knew that I made a big mistake. It’s the brightest pinkie Barbie pink you’ve ever seen before. Being 30 years old, I am way too old to rock such a color. I will probably pass this on as well. I did however like the brush and the texture of the polish. The only thing that bothered me was the “1 second” advertising in the name (which could be 1 second/nail to apply polish, but I interpreted it as 1 second to dry). In the smallest print possible, the back of the bottle says that it requires 50 seconds drying time. But I can say for a fact that this nail polish was not dry in 50 second, nor was it dry in 2 minutes. So, case closed on that fake advertising line.

One of the products I thought I would really enjoy with my slightly oily skin is the L’Oreal Mat’ Magique foundation. I got mine in 04 – Rose Beige. But the thing is that while this foundation has a very whipped formula and feels nice and smooth when swatched on the back of my hand, it looked absolutely horrible on my face. It somehow got into the pores even though I was wearing a silicone primer and my face looked like I had tons of tiny holes in it. But the final nail in the coffin for this foundation is that it only keeps your face matte for a couple of hours but then it kind of melts off. Probably the worst foundation I have ever tried.

Last but not least, let’s take a moment to talk about two e.l.f. products I picked up online. One is the eye primer and liner sealer. This already came a bit chapped on the priming side in the mail and the stick was leaning as if it was broken. But I could live with that if the product was any good, which it is not. It is way too dry and doesn’t apply well to the eyes either directly or with finger. It also doesn’t really do anything to make the eye make-up last longer. As for the liner sealer side I can’t really judge the product because my liners tend to stick in place by themselves.

The other product I am definitely getting rid of right now is the e.l.f. professional bronzing brush. It has a nice shape but sheds like nothing I’ve ever seen before. For the purpose of this post, I went and used it to apply bronzer to my face. And I counted no less than 7 brush hair left on my face. In words of one of my American friends – “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

That’s it for my recent regrets. Do you have any that you’d particularly like to share?

Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome.