My NYX Glosses – quick review & swatches

About a month ago I treated myself to some NYX glosses. These glosses were so highly recommended by many beauty bloggers and YouTube beauty gurus that I was sure they will end up costing an arm and a leg. Imagine my surprise when I found them on Moja drogerija for less than 3 € each. I’m not a big fan of the design of the tube, but you really can’t beat the price on that one. So yes, I did end up buying more than one and let me tell you, it was not an easy choice to make – there are more than 10 colors available and I would purchase each and every one of them given the money and the space to put them 🙂

Overall I can say I really like these glosses although I’m usually partial to lipsticks, simply because I don’t love having my hair sticking to something sticky on my lips. But anyway, these glosses have a relatively nice smell and are reasonably pigmented, especially in the darker colors.

The colors I got are Amethyst, Apricot and True red. I won’t go on a lot about Amethyst, because I’ve talked about it already in my September favorites. But let’s just repeat that it’s a nice copper-ish color which in my opinion isn’t very summery but will be perfect for autumn and winter time.

The Apricot color is a nice subtle color which is not very pigmented and is the least long lasting out of all three. It is however nice to put over a brighter lipstick (I love wearing it over my Matte Lip Paint by Barry M lipstick in Sunset) but almost unnoticeable by itself. It’s also the only one that won’t leave stain on your lips.

Last but not least, we have the gloss in True red. This is by far the most pigmented out of all three colors. It looks dark red, almost burgundy, in the tube, but has a pink undertone to it. I can’t get away with wearing it by itself; I have to use a lip liner with this one. It’s also the most difficult to apply in terms of not exaggerating with the color – I tend to put the want to the bottom lip first and then pick up the residue from the bottom lip to put on the top lip. The best result was however achieved when I actually made an effort to use a lip brush.

All in all I love these glosses and will probably get some more.

Do you have any shade that you only wear in the colder months? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome!


  1. 17. 10. 2014 / 10:58

    Čudoviti odtenki! 🙂
    Jaz imam kar podobne odtenke čez celo leto – mogoče samo po kakšnih temnejših večkrat posežem v jeseni. 🙂