Too many opened mascaras…

Fact #1 – I love mascaras. Fact #2 – when I buy a mascara, I really, really want to open and try it straight away. And fact #3 – this means that I always have at least 3 mascaras opened at the same time, consequently waisting them. Oh well, I’ll do better in the future.

These past 2 months have been particularly bad in this sense – I have no less than 5 mascaras that I have been using and most of them I need to get rid of because they’ve gone dry. But before throwing them away I can do a quick post about them. I will go from the worst to the best one by my personal opinion. The fact is that the likeability of mascara depends on what you want from it. I personally have quite long lashes to start with and am consequently looking for mascara that will add volume. So it really is a personal preference all around, as it is with most mascaras. There are two photos for you – one with the product closed and one with them opened so you can see each of the wands.


You know, how drier mascaras have the tendency to flake? Well this mascara is so wet that I can feel this wetness for several minutes after applying it, but it still somehow manages to leave my undereye area looking like the Halloween came early It clumps the lashes into long, spider like legs. I’m not a fan of either the wand shape or the packaging itself – it really looks quite juvenile. Even though it’s drugstore, it could still be a bit classier.

If you’re looking for length, are willing to comb through your lashes and you don’t mind the panda look, go for it. Otherwise, run away as fast as you can. Would I repurhcase: no way!


I’m usually a fan of Too Faced products, but this one left me cold. Thankfully I didn’t purchase the whole size but got a deluxe sample in one of their trial kits. Also, what’s with the name? I know that Too Faced isn’t exactly a PG rated brand, but let me just say that this statement is not true 😉

Anyhow, when I opened this mascara I was expecting a hell of a lot from it. The wand has super dense fibers of different lenghts which looked like they will hug every single lash and give it length and volume. Well, the mascara is not bad, but it’s not great either. Completely opposite of the Great Lash it has a very dense formula which tends to flake a lot. So while it does give you long and bold lashes, especially if you apply more than one coat of it, you will have to check under your eyes every hour or so. Would I repurchase: no – it costs more than $20 and I think there are better mascaras out there for that price.

#3 –Voluminous Waterproof mascara by L’OREAL

This again is a mascara with quite wet formula but it dries much faster than the Great Lash so it’s not too much of a problem. It has a very standard wand which many of us have probably used with this or that mascara so that’s not really what’s appealing. But trust me – go out and buy it, if you can. It leaves you with long and dense lashes, it doesn’t clump, smudge or flake and it holds to its promises. I’m putting it in 3rd place only because I bought the Waterproof version which is such a pain to remove that I have to brace myself before starting the process every evening. Would I repurchase: yes, but the regular one, not the waterproof.

#2 – Volum’ Express Colossal Cat Eyes – MAYBELLINE

Probably the mascara with the longest name out there 🙂 It wasn’t an instant love affair with me and this mascara – I had a hard time getting used to the curved wand and I didn’t find it that impressive. But when I took my time and really tried out what different parts of the wand to to the eyelashes, I fell inlove. When using this mascara I don’t even curl my eyelashes before – the wand does the trick by itself. So it curls, lengthens (to the point when I need to stop applying it because my lashes are touching my browbone and leaving tiny black dots) and adds volume when adding one or two layers to the primary one. Would I repurchase: absolutely, especially for this price.

#1 Lash Sensation x-treme volume – ETRE-BELLE

This mascara I probably never would have purhcased for myself – I don’t even know where you can buy it, to be honest, but it must be available in Slovenia since I got it from a friend who has problems with her sensitive eyes and this mascara didn’t work for her either. Although I would usually not accept an used eye product from someone else I was really excited to use this mascara since I’ve never tried anything of the brand before. At the cost of whooping 20 € I would probably go for a known brand like Dior or Lancome for the same amount of money, but I would have missed out on this great product.

The wand is very dense and doesn’t have any long fibers that would be sticking out, but rather these small fibers/bumps coming out of the wand. I really have no idea how that happens, but this mascara grabs each lash and literally pulls it up toward the brows while simoultaneously curling them beautifully. With 3 layers my eyes look larger than life and I can get away with not wearing false lashes (my first experiences with those are a whole different story). But, alas, I will have to throw this one out since it’s completely dried out. Would I repurchase: I will try another premium mascara to be sure about the comparison, but I will probably repurchase this or another Etre-belle mascara.

I must say that the L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara, Volum’ Express Colossal Cat Eyes and Lash Sensation x-treme volume are pretty much neck-to-neck. Looking at the price-quality ratio, I would purchase the Volum’ Express, but if I wanted to treat myself, I would go for the Lash X-treme.

Do you have mascaras you absolutely love or cannot stand? Comment below!

Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome!


  1. 17. 10. 2014 / 10:53

    Točno to je moja težava z maskarami! Kupim jih 5 v roku meseca ali dveh, vse moooooram sprobat prvi dan in potem jih je treba tudi vse naenkrat zmetat stran 😀
    Meni so trenutno super Rimmel maskare. Mika me Essence Lash Princess, you zelo hvalijo, ampak si je ne dovolim kupit, dokler se mi vse ne posušijo! 🙂

  2. 18. 10. 2014 / 12:44

    Jst mam tudi ta problem z maskarami, trenutno jih imam 7 odprtih, ker sem jih preprosto morala odpret in jih testirat 😀 Uporabljam pa tako ali tako samo 3, ki so mi najljubše. trenutno Essence roza, Calorie 2000 in pa False lash wings 🙂