I Heart Makeup – I Heart passion palette review

I received this I Heart Makeup – I Heart passion palette a while ago from Licila.si but I was sort of saving it for when I had more time and more opportunities to create a bolder look. Some photos were taken a while back, so I must say that the palette doesn’t look as nice anymore, but considering the pigmentation and the number of different shadows I could probably use this for years to come, if it doesn’t go bad on me.

The packaging is gorgeous – I have no other word for it despite the fact that I hate this particular description for just about anything. It’s a shiny black palette with a single pink heart on top. BTW, the photo is from the internet, since it’s impossible to shoot a good one without reflections.

From the inside, the palette is absolutely fabulous and offers so many different options. The shades are very different from one another, but I am sad to report that as much as this variation is true for the colors, it is also true for the pigmentation. There are a couple of shadows in here that could as well be missing and as far as I am concerned, I wouldn’t shed a single tear about it. On the other hand, we have quite a few colors that are crazy pigmented and quite unique: Dangerous Liaisons looks like something one could perhaps find a Naked 3 palette, and I also love the We are going home, Never Never and Catch your eye. By the way, I also like the names quite a lot, although many of them imply an unhappy romance.

Anyway, this palette consists of 2 highlight shadows, 5 matte shadows and a whole bunch of shimmers, 10 to be exact. Here are the swatches, first the upper row.

The first few colors are really nice and most are of reasonable pigmentation. Love is the drug is obviously a highlighter and I love the fact that it is bigger than the other shadows (as is also true for Easier Affair below) since we probably all use those highlighting shades up a bit faster than the others. The only shadow I am not too impressed about is the Rumba Down – it’s a must-have shadow for many of us, but it is not pigmented at all – this swatch took about 5 swipes up and down. I appreciate the matte black shadow though -this one is missing from many palettes I own.

In the middle row, the only real disappointment is the first shadow – I Believe. It is almost identical to Rumba Down and it is also lacking in pigmentation. The same could be said for In my heart, but it would probably still look nice in the inner corner. Dangerous Liaisons and Takes Over look a bit similar in the photo, but the latter is actually a much colder shade.

In the bottom row, Missing a beat is actually quite similar to Dangerous Liaisons from the middle row, which is a shame. My favorite shade in this row is definitely the Catch your Eye, which is a nice emerald green but goes a bit bluish under a certain color. I appreciate an iridescent color when I see one and I was very impressed.

The palette also has some pretty decent dupes for almost eight times more expensive Naked palette.

In all, I would say that this palette is definitely worth the money (it’s currently only 6,95 € at Licila.si) since you’ll be getting a ton of product for your money, but I could not create an everyday look with this palette so it’s probably the not the best option if you are looking for your everyday go-to palette. It’s lacking some basic colors for that purpose in my opinion.

That’s it for today, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Until next time, stay beautiful, stay awesome!