April Favorites

Another month rolled by and I almost can’t believe that it’s almost been a year since I started writing this blog 🙂 Anyway, April brought some new, wonderful discoveries for me, and I also found some of my old friends lurking in the back of that closet that I keep mentioning all the time.

Quite a few were already mentioned in my other posts, so let’s start with those. First is the Lord&Berry liner that I received in the LookFantastic beauty box about a month ago. It’s been well loved but I’m determined to use the very last inch of it. You can read more about it here – and thank me later when you go and buy it 😉

Essence Longlasting Lip Liner in Yummy Berry

Another favorite that I only recently became acquainted with is the Essence Longlasting lip liner. I love quite a few colors, but as I already mentioned in this post, the Yummy Berry is my favorite. I need to go out and buy a few back-up’s in case it makes a disappearing act from the shelves.

O.P.I. Don’t pretzel my buttons

This O.P.I. Don’t pretzel my buttons featured in my Simple manicure routine post. It’s a really lovely beige nude and I’ve been wearing it a lot in the past two months, simply because it’s long lasting and – to be completely honest – doesn’t look terrible even when some chipping occurs. It’s the only nude polish I own and we have quite a romance going on at the moment.

Medex Elanosol lip balm

I don’t talk much about Medex cosmetics line and I don’t really know why – I love most of the products and use them quite religiously. But my favorite has to be the Elanosol lip balm that contains propolis, honey and bee wax. First of all, this lip balm really does smell and taste of honey, and secondly, it leaves quite a thick layer on the lips meaning that they are fully protected. That being said, it’s not really a product I use out of home, because it also leaves a little white residue which doesn’t look too appealing. But I love using it at home and it helps my lips tremendously.

Catrice All Matt plus Shine control make-up in 020 – Nude beige

This I have to thank “Small Bloggie” for asking me to do a review on one of the Catrice foundations. When I went to the store to buy it, I had this really bad feeling, especially when buying an All Matt shine control version of foundation. But right now, it’s been about 6 weeks and it’s half way gone. I. LOVE. THIS. It does make my skin look matte, but not dry, and it stays in place all day. It also comes with a pump so it’s easy to manage the quantity of product you are using. Just as important, it costs about half of what you will pay for other foundations just as good. I really want to do a comparison of a couple – is that something you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments below!

I won’t go on too much about the Glade candle Floral Groove. You all know how much I loved the Christmas collection, and this is just as good. Also, very inexpensive compared to Yankee Candles or similar.

The Nivea In-shower body milk really does deserve a post of its own. This is my second bottle – the first one I had was the dark blue one – Nourishing – with Almond oil and now I’m sporting the Smooth Sensation with Shea butter. I must say I slightly prefer the new bottle since it doesn’t have the typical Nivea scent. But overall, I’m a complete fan of the concept of moisturizing on the go – I often don’t have time to stand around waiting for my moisturizer to sink in.

Avon Planet Spa Egyptian Secrets face mask

Last but not least is the Avon Planet Spa Egyptian Secrets face mask with water lily extract. I try to use this about once a week, usually when I crawl in for a nice bath. The mask has a very thick consistency which means that it takes some time to dry, but once it’s completely dry, it’s really easy to just peel it off and be done with it. This leaves my face feeling soft and fresh, and although I don’t see it making a significant difference to the general state of my skin, I still enjoy it a lot.

These were my favorites for the months – do you have some? Tell me about them!


  1. 5. 5. 2015 / 11:26

    Yaaay. it was great to see u mention me. glad u like it it's my favourite foundation atm alsi:)

  2. 5. 5. 2015 / 11:42

    Awww, I'm so happy you saw the shoutout! It's a great foundation – thanks!!!!

  3. 5. 5. 2015 / 17:21

    Catrice in essence podlage so tudi meni top 🙂 najraje uporabljam essencovo all about matt, ki je moja stalnica že skoraj eno leto 🙂 sem pa včeraj kupila tudi en puder od alverde, ki zaenkrat izgleda obetavno

  4. 5. 5. 2015 / 20:33

    Alverde je meni taka hecna znamka – se mi zdi, da sem večinoma pri njih imela bodisi izredno srečo, ali izredno smolo s svojimi izbirami 🙂

    Me je pa ta Catrice puder definitivno prepričal, da preizkusim še kakšnega njihovega in tudi kakšnega od Essence in se ne držim samo L'Oreala in Rimmela.