Last e.l.f. haul for a while…

If you follow me on Instagram (you don’t? Go now – it’s @low_maintenance_beauty) you might have noticed my posts about the shutdown of e.l.f. (Eyes Lips Face) UK online store. Apparently, it will make a comeback in a couple of months, but I still stocked up on some things I like and afforded a bit more, since everything was on massive sale.

By the way, the sale is still going on – there’s not a lot of stuff left but you can still check it out if something catches your eye.

Anyway, this is what I got.

Yes – those are three identical Mineral Eyeshadow Primers back in the corner. These primers are absolutely best value for money (with the exception of Wet’n’Wild Fergie primer which I can’t find anywhere in Europe). They have a soft yellow tint to them which is just enough to cover the veins and spots on the eyelids even if you’re not wearing any eyeshadow. So I stocked up.

e.l.f. Smudge Pot – Hit the town
Keeping with the eye theme, I got another one of the Smudge pots in color Hit the town. I bought one of these (Gotta glow – a nice light gold shade) a few months back and I like to use it as an accent for the middle of my eyelid when going for a bolder look. Since they are wet (kind of similar to Maybelline Color Tattoo’s, but in reality more appropriate for base), they have a bit more staying power than a normal eyeshadow. Hit the town is a blue-gray shadow that looks absolutely beautiful and I will definitely use it as a base for creating a smokey eye.

e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Face primer

I used up an entire e.l.f. face primer before and I liked it well enough (stay away from it if you don’t like silicone based primers though), so I went and bought another one. This one is green, hence tone adjusting – so apparently it’s supposed to cancel out the redness and any blotchiness on the face. It feels very silky but dries to a powdery finish. I used it twice now and I can’t really say I noticed much difference, but I’ll keep you posted.

I also bought a Nourishing cuticle pen, but I don’t think there’s really much to be said about that – it’s a pen, it has oils in it and it does a good enough job on my cuticles for the 1 € price tag. Nothing to write home about, though.

e.l.f. Party Purple, Golden Goddess, Champagne, Copper, Dark Navy

Yes… this is always a problem for me. If you show me nail polishes, I go a bit ecstatic inside. But if you show me nail polishes on sale, I tend to lose it. So yes, I got five, and a couple more for my friends. But seriously, they were 1 € a pop, so why not?

The colors from left to right are: Party purple (deep purple with glitter, don’t have anything like that yet), a topcoat Golden Goddess (I do have one similar from Essence, but it’s a bit hard to get enough glitter on the nails, so why not try another one), the most beautiful and spring appropriate Champagne (which I don’t really think looks like champagne, but rather in real life looks more coral), Copper (I do have one similar from Make-up revolution so I might do a side-by-side comparison, but it’s really true to its name) and finally, Dark Navy(which is indeed a dark blue color, reminding me of sun and sailing and all the joys of summer).

So, that’s it from e.l.f. for quite a long time, I’m afraid. I really do like the brand and fortunately, it’s been more-hit-than-miss for me up until now – but really, for the price, even a few misses don’t really hurt your wallet that bad.

Do you have any e.l.f. products you love and would repurchase? Let me know!

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  1. 6. 5. 2015 / 19:22

    I love that elf face primer!!