Sephora (and MAC) haul

I know that some of you take offense when I’m writing about things that are not easy/next to impossible to get in Slovenia (or, to be honest, in Europe), but still I got some positive feedback from others, saying that you like such posts, since they make you either have them shipped/buy them on your travels/order them from friends that are traveling etc.

Well, I do realize that writing about products that you cannot just go out and buy isn’t exactly productive, but just keep in mind this one thing – if you dream it, you dreams can come true. And please, don’t only apply it to make-up shopping 🙂

Anyway, my Sephora basket wasn’t as extensive as it was about a year ago, but my wishes have gotten much, much more specific.

First of all, I was on the hunt for a full coverage foundation. This Kat Von D Lock it tattoo foundation does seem dark for me in the bottle (shade 54 – medium), but for some reason it’s the perfect shade – if I were to buy it over the internet, I would go much lighter and completely miss the target.

I literally just need one tiny pump of this foundation to cover my entire face, and boy oh boy, does it cover every single thing. I wouldn’t say this is an everyday foundation for me, but it’s great for when I will need my complexion to look fabulous. I would not wear this every day since it does feel quite heavy and I have a feeling that it does crawl deep into my skin and settles there. It cost 35 $ at Sephora.

 Next is an absolute must and a palette that has probably been review by every beauty blogger (and their mother) on this planet, but as always, I’m late for the party. It’s the Anastasia Contour palette (mine is in light to medium).

Three shades for highlighting, three for contouring, so something for every face and complexion out there. I tried to use the first and third shade in the first row for highlighting and the middle one for under my eyes, and it turned out beautifully. The awesome thing is that the amount of pigmentation is amazing and you only need a swipe of brush, meaning that you won’t have any unnecessary amount of product on your face and risk it creasing or settling into your lines.

The bronzers are a bit more delicate, though. Since they are also incredibly pigmented, I had problems blending the outer two shades out as bronzers – it seems that I’m still a bit heavy handed. But the middle shade (which doesn’t just look a bit olive in the photo, it actually is like that IRL) is the absolutely perfect contour shades. I have a round face and I rocked incredible cheekbones on Friday. Just sayin’

I think that the palette goes for about 75 € in Slovenia, but Sephora charges 40 $ for it.

The Beauty Blender. The endless struggle between “oh come ON, 20 $ for a SPONGE” and “everyone says it’s awesome, so it MUST be awesome” happened in a certain ladies head. It is TINY.

For comparison, the Real Techniques sponge is double the size, but I assume that’s because the BB will grow enormously when wet (no pun intended). I will not say much more about this, because it’s really a battle that requires a new post – the battle of the blenders, perhaps?

Last but not least, I wanted to get an “expensive” eyeliner. Just to see what the difference is, if any. I just bought an amazing Essence eyeliner for about 2 € and I can’t wait to see how this Laura Mercier (20 $) performs against it. I’ll keep you posted, of course 🙂

As you can see from the first picture, I also purchased two MAC lipsticks, but I really do believe they deserve a post of their own (since MAC is now much easier to get from Italy), which I’ll do in a couple of weeks.

What is the ONE product you absolutely want but can’t get your hands on/will not pay the ridiculous amount of money they’re asking for? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, stay beautiful!(yes, new year, new resolutions, and although “keep awesome” seemed kind of great a year ago, it seems tacky now, so let’s put it on a shelve and forget about it, shall we?)