Avon Nutra Effects daily cream and Luck La Vie Perfume review

Avon Slovenija was very kind and sent me a lovely package containing a lot of goodies a couple of weeks ago.

Inside the package, I found the Nutra Effects daily cream, Luck La Vie Perfume and two of their new summer colors of nail polish in the Avon Glow Nailwear Pro+ line. These two, I’ll save for a separate review, since they absolutely deserve a post of their own (hint, hint), but today, let’s talk skincare first.

Nutra Effects is a relatively new Avon line with active chia seed complex, which certainly counts as an innovative product in my book. The line contains no parabens and colorings. I am drooling over some other products as well, like the Argan infused hair mask or the cleansing foam. But that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, Avon Slovenia sent me the daily cream from the Hydration line intended for dry/normal skin. It promises 24 hours of hydration and I can certainly appreciate such claims in the summer. Extra bonus – this cream also boasts an SPF 15.

If your skin is mixed or on the oily side, you can alternatively go for the Balance line which helps you face stay matte despite the raging heat we’ve been having lately.

I must say I absolutely love this cream. You get 50 ml, which is a good amount, for only 5,50 € (in the catalog valid from 29/7 onward), but it feels like the most luxurious and expensive cream on the planet. I’ve switched out my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for this cream and I must say that Nutra Effects performs better, even if I don’t take the price: quality ratio into account.

Once it absorbs, it leaves behind the most amazing glow which made me double check the ingredients list for any added shimmer. With the trends of highlighting and, more recently, strobing, this will enable you to skip a step in your routine, because it will leave your skin looking positively radiant.

One of the things I associate with luxury skincare is also the smell. And I’m not talking about the artificial fragrances that so many companies put in skincare to make it more appealing, but rather that natural, barely-there-but-still-present smell. This cream smells slightly like peonies to me, and I love it.

The second thing in the Avon package I want to talk about is the Luck La Vie perfume.

It’s a nice summer scent – not too fruity, but very refreshing. The top note is strawberry, middle note lily of the vales and base note cedar, which is in my opinion the added fragrance that turns what could become a sickly sweet scent into something pleasant and mysterious.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d have seen this bottle before – it’s so stunning I have it at the very front row of my perfumes now just to show it off to random visitors of my bathroom. I’m guessing I’m not alone in making displays out of my perfume bottles?

Alas, this perfume doesn’t hold well on my skin. If I remember to put some cream underneath where I spray it, it holds for about 6-8 hours, but without that remedy, it only lingers for a couple of hours. This might be due to the heat though, so we’ll see when the heat wave is over.

The Luck La Vie premiered in the June/July catalogue for 18,90€ and is selling at their website for 27 €, but I’m guessing that you can get it for a bit less from the current catalogue – hopefully, I’m not leading you on.

Thank you Avon Slovenija for the goodies and thank you to all of you for reading my opinions on them. What are some other products I have to try from Avon – surely, you all have some favorites?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, stay beautiful!