Avon Glow Nailwear Pro+ : Flaming Orange and Plush Berry

A couple of days ago, I already posted a review of the Nutra Effects daily moisturizer and Luck La Vie Perfume that I was kindly sent by Avon Slovenija.

As I already mentioned in that post, I want to do a separate review of their new summer shades from the Nailwear Pro+ line – Flaming Orange and Plush Berry.

I must admit I’m not crazy about the brown boxes (it’s subjective, of course, but I really don’t like brown color in general). It’s not a packaging I would be attracted to in the store.

I do like the bottles with the shimmery brown caps, though. They are square and a bit higher, which means they fit in nicely into my storage and don’t take up any extra space.

Flaming Orange is a nice tangerine color with a lot of shimmer. It’s a bit sheer, so I tend to go for three coats to really get a strong pop of color. If you’d prefer it lighter, two coats would do just fine as well.

Plush Berry is a lovely purple with some pink undertones. It looks much lighter on the nails as it does in the bottle, but looking at the photo in the catalogue, it seems pretty exact. You can do two layers for a bit lighter shade or go with a darker plum-y color with three coats.

The brush on the polishes is very precise and doesn’t hold on to extra product, so I had no problems with the application.

I loved the combination of these two colors from a photo in a catalogue, so I decided to go for it – Flaming Orange on all nails besides the ring finger. I would never think to put these two together but I have gotten plenty of compliments on this manicure, so it’s obviously a good idea.

For holding power, I will give the medal to Plush Berry. After a couple of days, it didn’t chip at all, while Flaming Orange did show some signs of wear and tear, but that’s also probably based on the fact that I put three layers of it on all my nails.

You can get your hands on these lovely polishes for the bargain price of 3,5 € from Avon sellers. I love than and can’t wait for my mother in law to return from her vacation to order some more 🙂