Catrice Chocolate Nudes eyeshadow palette

It might sound a bit pretentious, but I think that the eyeshadow palettes are the one high-end product I really, really find worth the money. With a few exceptions, I find the drugstore palettes to be of poor quality which also explains the lack of posts about new palettes that some other bloggers rave about in their posts. When I first started to really enjoy make-up, I bought a couple of high-end palettes and learned to appreciate their quality.

With that being said, I do find that you can come upon a hidden jewel once in a while and this little Chocolate Nudes palette by Catrice is most definitely one of those. You can get it in most drugstores for about 5,5 €.

The packaging alone is where I feel a lot of money was saved on this palette – it’s a simple, small plastic black case with a (in my opinion) useless brush. There is also no mirror in sight.

The back of the palette gives you a little tutorial in how to create a glamorous smokey eye, if you would feel the want to wear something like that. It is true that there are only six shades in the palette, but the color combinations that you can play around with are practically endless.

But now, let’s talk about the good stuff – the actual shades. They are incredibly soft, almost buttery, which can cause a bit of a fallout if you’re being too aggressive, so I would suggest using good quality brushes with it.

As you are reading this, this palette is vacationing with me as the only palette I took along, since I didn’t really feel the need to bring anything else. The palette has a good white base, a highlighter, two nice crease/transition colors (in the middle) and two highly pigmented, absolutely stunning shades at the very right end. I swoon over the dark gold (almost rose-gold) shade that comes second to last in the palette – and I would not hand over this palette to anyone because of this shade alone.

If you’re on the hunt for a natural palette for a bargain price, I would definitely recommend you go out and get yourself one of these. Besides being a perfect traveling companion, this would also be a good palette for younger girls that are just starting to play around with make-up and with Christmas around the corner, there’s no time like the present to be that perfect friend/mother/aunt.