I heart makeup Black Velvet palette

I noticed that my Blogvember was strangely lacking in make-up reviews, so I decided to switch posts around a little bit and show you the newest addition to my palette collection, the I heart makeup Black Velvet palette.

This palette was also a gift I received at the Beauty Bloggers Meetup from the online store Licila.si which you all know I am a big fan of and their regular customer. You can get the palette here for 10,95 €. And, you know, feel free to look around, they always have great offers and promotions!

Anyway, back to the palette. This is not my first I heart makeup palette and although I am a bit ashamed of the photos in the post about the last one, you can read about my I heart passion palette here.

This palette is very much one I can see myself using each day, since it contains so many different shades, but very few are so bold that I’d skip on them for my everyday look.

I believe that each palette in this world should comply to a few rules: have a couple of shimmers, a couple of mattes or satin shades, a matte black shade and a matte highlighting/base shade. If it fails to meet those rules, I find that I can’t really create a whole look with it and that automatically puts me off.

This palette does all that and more. The 16 eyeshadows offer a lot of variety and remind me a lot of my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette in terms of versatility.

The pigmentation varies a lot between the shades. I would say that you will get the best color payoff from the shades Bring, Sweet, Sin, Wild, Cry and Black. As far as base shades go, I am not really impressed – True and Baby have quite poor pigmentation, so when attempting different looks, I simply used Tender all over my eye for a nice base.

My absolute favorite shades in the entire palette are Sweet to use in the crease, Please as a transition color and Wild to do the accents, with a hint of Long in the inner corner. I like this combination a lot and have worn it quite a lot in the past few weeks.

Remember to purchase a good brush or two while you’re shopping for this palette, since the applicator that comes with it won’t do you any good, but I wouldn’t really expect a good brush to come in a palette this size that only costs 11 €. Also, I would recommend applying all the shimmers with fingers since they are quite crumbly and you can really pack them up well only if you pat them on.

As far as quality goes, I would say that yes, there are certainly better palettes out there, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one this versatile for 11 €. I think it’s a really good beginners palette for someone who wants to dab into make-up but doesn’t want to invest too heavily just yet.

Do you have this palette or any others from I heart makeup that you would recommend?

Until tomorrow, stay beautiful!

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  1. 7. 11. 2015 / 9:02

    Barvni odtenki so čisto moji, jesenski:), pa še res je najbolj srčkasta:)