My Aussie experience

Since the 1st Beauty Bloggers meetup, I have banned myself from shopping completely. I have so many wonderful products at home, so many new brands to explore and so many posts to write that I simply don’t need any more beauty products in my life right now.


Consequently, I decided to attempt (to the best of my abilities) a month with a post each single day, which I named Blogvember. Hopefully, I will be able to keep my word and 30 separate posts, although it will be no walk in the park since November is usually the busiest moth of the year at work and I will also be flying somewhere warm to soak my feet in the middle of the ocean during the month. But I believe in myself and hopefully, you will enjoy the posts will bring to you!

One of the brands that I had almost no experience with before the conference is Aussie. I was quite excited to see their products in the gift bags since I have heard many good things about it from other beauty bloggers. 

At the conference, I got the Aussie Repair Miracle Shampoo (300 ml, about 5,60 € at Boots) and the Repair Miracle Conditioner (250 ml, also about 5,60 € at Boots). On one of my trips, I also picked up the Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo (Colour Mate, about 6,6€ at Boots).

 There is more to life than hair but it’s a good place to start. (The Aussie Philosophy)

 I have been using both the shampoo and the conditioner for a month now and I am about half way through both bottles, since you don’t need much product to really work into the hair and give them a proper wash and conditioning.

 I absolutely love the smell of both these products. They are made with Australian macadamia nut oil, jojoba seed oil and avocado oil, meaning a full range of ingredients is there to provide softness and shine for damaged hair. I can’t really define the smell, but it reminds me of some candy I use to eat as a child. Good times.

 Although I feel that the shampoo really gets my hair really clean, I do have some problems with it if I am not super careful with rinsing it out – it will make my hair a bit heavy and I occasionally had some dandruff issues as well.

I have tried quite a few dry shampoos before, and I will say that this Aussie Dry shampoo is a winner in my book. While the smell is nothing special, a few sprays of this baby into the roots of my hair really gives me a bit of volume and texture that makes second day hair look fresh and beautiful again.

I know that Aussie products are also available in the Muller stores in Slovenia, so I will definitely look into other ranges of shampoo and conditioner to find one that will smell as nice but perhaps be a bit kinder to my scalp 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead of us. Until next time (tomorrow!), stay beautiful.