Secrets of Dvorec Trebnik products

Trebnik Mansion, geddit? The brand I want to write about today is actually named Dvorec (i.e. Mansion) Trebnik, but it sounds much more exotic the other way around in English, so I’ll roll with it. 

I’ve been obsessed with Dvorec Trebnik bath salts for about a year now and haven’t used anything else since I first purchased them. For some reason unknown to mankind, I have not tried any of their other products until we got a nice goody bag at the Beauty Bloggers Meetup (which I keep mentioning and will mention throughout Blogvember, so get used to it) full of products from their DT line.

Inside the bag, we found three products and I’ve been using two of them non-stop for the past couple of weeks. First, I want to talk about the DT Energy tonic – a refreshing face and body mist.

Energy tonic is made without any parabens, mineral oils, synthetic coloring and silicons and is supposed to moisturize and soothe the skin throughout the day. It does however contain alcohol and if you don’t want to have any unfortunate experience, make sure you are aiming at the larger surfaces of your face, such as your cheeks or forehead. I like the smell since it’s very refreshing, but the pump is a bit too concentrated for my liking – I would prefer a single spritz to be a bit gentler. All in all, it’s a nice product for the summer when we’re really feeling the heat. You can get it here for 6,99 €.

I absolutely fell in love with the DT Funky Coconut creamy hand gel the moment I opened it to shoot the photo above. I wish I could do nothing all day and just keep applying it all the time. Besides the smell (coconut gets me nutty), I am also a big fan of the packaging because you’ll really be able to get the last bit out without having to get physical with the product. Don’t worry about carrying it in your bags as well, since the lid is very much securely on. Get it here for 4,79 €, but only if you get there before I do!

For the last product, the DT Strawberry Lip balm, I’m afraid that we don’t really have the chemistry. I like the smell and also the taste, but since my lips are always quite dry and chapped, I fell like they need more hydration than this lip balm can offer. I am also not a fan of any lip products that I need to apply with my fingers. Still, if you want to try it, get it here for 2,19 €.

And that’s it – short and really sweet this time around. Until next time, stay beautiful!