Something Yummy

Yummy is another brand that I’ve never come across in my life and I was super excited to see that a products from their range was gifted to me at the Beauty Bloggers Meetup, courtesy of the online store Click2Chic.

If you visit their store, you will find a whole range of Yummy products in the yummiest scents possible – I am personally most attracted to anything that smells like coconut and vanilla, but I am sure that everyone can find something for themselves.

Anyway, what I found in my box from Click2Chic was this Yummy body butter.

I tend to steer clear from body butters during the warmer months since they take such long time to really soak into the skin and I don’t appreciate being all sticky during the summer. Consequently, I don’t have much experience to go on, but I do use one particular brand during the winter months.

I can easily say that this Yummy body butter in the scent of Darkest blood orange with shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia oil, coconut oil and vitamin E is quite different in texture to the Body Shop body butters I am used to because of the lighter texture.

You cannot really tell just by the photo of the texture itself, but it is much lighter than other body butters I have used and soaks into the skin much quicker which is always a plus for a girl on the go.

I must say that the smell straight from the is not really up my alley because it’s a bit too sour for my personal liking, but when applied on the skin it develops a much softer, sweeter fragrance that I personally enjoy a lot.

I think that a set of products from this brand will make a great Christmas gift for some of my lady friends and I am really excited to introduce them to this great brand that I will probably continue using for many years to come.

If you could choose any flavor from this brand, which one would it be? (hint, I am not just randomly asking that).

Until next time (which is of course tomorrow), stay beautiful!