Artdeco Latest Trends in Makeup line

The new products that I showcase in the Wednesday selection post are more often than not something that I receive a PR notification about, but today’s post is a bit different, since I got some first hand information about this line.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of a new line hosted by Artdeco and Grazia Magazine. I brought baby M along and he had a blast, being one of the two men (the other one was a baby boy one day older than him, so he was in good company) in a crowd of adoring women, meaning I had my hands free to take some good pics for you 🙂

The new line is all about layering – contouring and strobing, to be more precise. It includes eleven new products:

– contouring powders and strobing creams (pans) ~ 8,95 €
– Nude foundation (four different shades) that was also the winner of Grazia Beauty Award ~ 24,95 €
– contour brush ~ 18,95 €
– concealer and camouflage brush ~ 12,95 €
– Long-wear concealers ~ 13,95 €
– 3in1 make-up fixing spray ~ 15,95 €
– strobing powder ~ 22,95 €
– strobing fluid ~ 14,95 €

So basically, Artdeco is jumping the layering bandwagon with their new collection. The prices are somewhere in the middle – not too high, but not exactly cheap, either. You can design your own contour & highlight palette (with 2 or 4 pans) and just buy the magnetic box to simply slide your pans in to it (which is something I did so keep your eyes out for that particular post).

I must say that I am very impressed with the contour shades, since they tend to be way to orange and not pigmented enough for my taste. These two contour powders are both richly deep and completely matte, they have no shimmer at all and no smell either, which is important in my book.

As a big believer in fixing sprays, I’m going to be trying it out as well. I should probably also pick up the brushes, since they seemed high quality and are made with natural bristles.

I’m not so sure about strobing, but I did receive the strobing fluid so I’ll keep you posted about it.

Artdeco is continuing with the promotion of this line in Mullers around Slovenia – you can spin the wheel of luck and get a free gift, a 1+1 offer or a 5 %, 15% or 30% discount on all products – if you get the latter, give me a call since I need to shop this line some more 😉

You can also take a photo with the with the wheel and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #zavrtisvojosreco. The best photo will receive a complete new collection at the end of the three weeks of promotion. I would check out where you can spin the wheel if I were you, since you’ll be getting a hefty amount of great products if you win.

I will be posting some additional reviews and swatches of the products soon, so if you are interested, keep following my blog and my Instagram (@low_maintenance_beauty).


  1. 22. 6. 2016 / 21:16

    Zanimiva kolekcija vsekakor! 🙂 mogoče veš ali je kolo sreče vedno v vseh poslovalnicah ali se seli? In če se, je kje objavljen urnik? 😀

  2. 22. 6. 2016 / 21:31

    Tara vsak dan, ko se bo dogajalo, bodo kolikor sem razumela na svoji Facebook strani objavili, kje se kolesa nahajajo tisti dan. Bodo v več poslovanicah naenkrat.

    Jim predlagam, da objavijo cel urnik za naprej 🙂

  3. 22. 6. 2016 / 21:48

    Tudi meni je osvežitev vse, kar ni oranžno. 😀

    Tara – 1.7. Rudnik. Ta ti bo verjetno najbolj zanimiva lokacija. 😀