Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh line and DM goodies

Summer is coming and new launches of products we need for the summer are popping out at all corners. I am a summer baby and I get a lot of energy from sun and sea so I am very much excited for this moody weather to be gone – nothing under 30 degrees Celsius counts as summer in my book!

With new baby, I spend a lot of time outside which is something that’s new to me. I got a slight sunburn more than a month ago when I spend about 30 minutes in the noon sun and that’s one of the reasons that this Sunday, I’m doing a big post about sun protection, but today, I want to talk about a new launch from Nivea.

This Protect and Refresh lotion is something that will excite those who enjoy a bit of freshness in the warm months and those who don’t like sunscreen because of the sticky feeling. It combines a highly effective UVA/UVB protection with a natural cooling effect because of the menthol in the lotion. It absorbs quickly and is waterproof, which is another plus in my book. I have used it a couple of times now and I must say that it’s my favorite Nivea sunscreen so far. I find that my skin is quite soft after I use it but not sticky so I can also add another layer of clothing quickly if the weather takes a turn for the worse, which it so often does these days.

The Sun Protect & Refresh lotion is available in a 200ml bottle with SPF20 for about 10,50 € and a 200ml bottle with SPF30 for about 11,50€. It also comes in two other versions:

the Sun Protect & Refresh Invisible spray retails for the same price as the lotion, as does the Sun Protect & Refresh cooling spray, but the latter also comes with SPF 50 which costs 12,70 €.

Besides this great new arrival from Nivea, I quickly wanted to mention a few things that have been happening in DM. If you haven’t noticed, Rimmel replaced Manhattan in most of the DM stores (and the others will be getting it soon). It sounds almost too good to be true, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I was quite impressed with the offer. I would guess that so far we are only getting the bestsellers, but I hope that in time we will also start getting new arrivals. Check out my search engine for reviews of different Rimmel products.

A quick look at the DM catalogue also suggests that a few more trips to the store are in the stars for me before we head over to the seaside. All of them are connected to spending a couple of the precious DM points but I think that these offers are worth it. First is the 25 % discount to all L’Oreal make-up for 30 points. I need a new foundation and since I like the L’Oreal Infallible primer quite a lot, I will probably be trying the Infallible foundation (regular price 10,99€) as well. I also need some of the Color Riche nail polishes (regular price 5,99€), especially Nymphea, Coral Trianon, and Cobalt Indecent.

Nivea also came out with a new Creme Care line for face – face wash (5,49 € for 150ml), cleansing milk (5,49 € for 200ml) and cleansing wipes (4,09 € for 25 pieces). I have liked most of the Nivea face products I’ve used so far and I’m excited to see if this new line is something that will become a staple in my bathroom.

The new catalogue also includes a bunch of coupons where you get 30 % off for 10 DM points. I will be using the following coupons:

~ Dove Derma Spa Uplifted body oil (6,29 € for 150ml) since I’ve never tried any oil by Dove before and I’m curious to see how it will perform

~ Nivea Protect & Shave shaving gel (2,93€ for 200ml) as I’ve run out of the shaving foam I’ve been stealing from my significant other

~ Nivea (haha, I swear Nivea is not paying me anything for this post) Sun Protect & Refresh spray with SPF 20 for the man in my life who hates putting on sunscreen

~ Afrodita shower gel (2,44€ for 400ml), hopefully I can get my favorite with Jojoba oil

~ Bourjois blush (6,99€) since I already own one and like it quite a lot, but would like a peachy shade that will probably compliment my sun kissed face during the following months

~ and a bunch of coupons for household items that nobody on this blog cares about 🙂

And this is it for the new products I wanted to talk about this week. Anything else I should be getting from DM? Let me know!