New Bits And Bobs for June 2016

I must admit that it didn’t exactly feel like I was shopping that much or received that many goodies as in the previous months. But when I hauled everything to the seaside and started taking photos, I realized that I might have a lot going on here. I already spoke briefly about some new products you’ll see below, but generally, this is the overview of everything I bought or received this month.

Also, be prepared for a long one next month as well – June is my b-day month and I always go a little overboard when ordering new things, but most of them are yet to arrive 🙂

Starting off with face, body and hair, I bought the Biobaza natural deodorant (Rosewood and Geranium). I’m only starting to discover this brand so I’m excited to try it out, especially with the bad luck I’ve been having with deodorants lately.

I received the Afrodita Body Scrub and Body Mousse as a b-day gift from a friend. I’ve had quite a bad experience with a certain Afrodita product in the past weeks, but hopefully we’ll get along better with these two.

I bought the Aussie Festival Fresh dry shampoo here in Croatia while on vacation. I haven’t seen this particular one yet in Slovenia but I’ve tried Aussie dry shampoo before and enjoyed it.

The Senses Aisan Spa foaming shower gel with ginger and Goji berries was a gift from Artdeco. I love this type of shower gels (I had a similar one from Rituals) since they normally produce a soft and gentle foam. I’m also excited to start suing the Avon Senses Joyful Tropics shower gel, since it smells amazing!

I went a bit stupid on sheet masks in the last month, but I also stupidly forgot most of them home, so I can only show you the Balea Aqua sheet mask with algae extract. I will show you others in a special post when the time comes.

This Bourjois radiance boosting face scrub was a find in Croatian DM. I haven’t tried anything from Bourjois skin line before so I’ll let you know how we get along.

I’m also a proud owner of two new face spritzes – both of which were a gift. The first is from Avon Naturals (Aloe and Cotton) and the second from Artdeco – Cool & Fresh refreshing face spray. Such products are my absolute favorites in the summer, especially now when I don’t wear make-up every day and can apply them in liberal amounts.

Last but not least, Avon also sent me a much needed moisturizing face cream with SPF 30. I’ve been using this every day and haven’t had any reaction to it – so far so good.

I couldn’t find the Essence Beach House collection products anywhere, so Essence Slovenia was kind enough to send me some along with a few products from the new line (expect a review on Wednesday!). So I have a new Essence beach glow fluid and also a new Strobing fluid from Artdeco.

I picked up the L’Oreal Infallible since I heard it works well with the primer I bought a few months ago and so far, I must admit that I’m quite impressed. I also picked up the Essence Lights of Orient bronzer, which is now old news, but I like it well enough. Last but not least, I afforded myself two contouring powders and a beauty box from Artdeco. You can read more about these *here*.

My surprise package from Essence also included a kabuki brush (believe it or not – my very first one) and the little make-up sponges from Summer Fun collection which were already put to the test – as mentioned, you will hear all about it on Wednesday.

Another Essence Summer Fun product is this Cooling eyeshadow. I must admit I’m impressed with the innovative approach Essence has to their trend collections. I’m also already trying out this Artdeco Long Lashes mascara, which is apparently their bestseller. I opened a new Kiko mascara a few days before going on vacation but apparently it was eaten by sea urchins since it is nowhere to be found. I’ll keep you posted on this mystery.

Almost at the end now – congratulations if you’re still going strong! 🙂 I bought this Essence duo blush myself – it was the only piece from the Beach House collection available in the store. With my recent rediscovery of my love for blushes, you can imagine my excitement.

I was sent the Essence cream to powder instant glow highlighter, but alas, it suffered terribly in the photo session we did a few days ago in the boiling heat. I managed to fix it well enough (and I shimmered the whole day, haha), but I’m still sad about this 🙁

Last but not least is the only lip product of the month – a lovely neutral lip pencil (Ultra Coleur Crayon) from Avon. A perfect shade and product for the summer, amirite?

And that’s it for the month of June. Keep your eyes out on the 3rd Monday of the month when I’ll be doing mini reviews for all of the above.

Until next time, stay beautiful!