Happy birthday to L’Occitane!

Would you believe it if I told you that L’Occitane is celebrating their 40th anniversary? No, I didn’t think so. I admit I had to look twice to believe it. But thinking about it now it makes sense – it’s one of the brands that really combines tradition and quality as it once was with contemporary designs and fresh approaches. Today, we get to enjoy all of the amazing products because of Olivier Baussan – the founding father of L’Occitane who believed in the power of nature.

To celebrate, L’Occitane decided to pay a tribute to two plants that have been with them from the very beginnings – verbena and lavender.

Verbena is a plant commonly found in Provanse, the birth place of L’Occitane. It carries the notes of distinct freshness of lemon. L’Occitane put a modern twist on the new collection. We can find a bunch of new products on the shelves – a refreshing body mist, moisturizing body mousse, refreshing peeling shower gel and many others. If you wish to really sample the products, I suggest you go for the goodie bag below – for less than 20 € you’ll get to explore a bunch of new verbena products.

Photo by: L’Occitane Slovenia Facebook
But I, naturally, am a much bigger lover of lavender. I could not help but reach for the beautiful bag below when I entered the store.

Inside, I found a lovely smelling body lotion and shower gel. The body lotion doesn’t seem to thick so I think it’s a great summer product.

Also hidden in the lovely bag (that will be perfect for storing all my summer beach products) was mini lavender hand cream and a perfumed satchel that will find its home in my closet. So when you meet me – no, it’s not my washing detergent, it’s the wonderful smell of L’Occitane lavande.

The last thing in the bag was a great surprise – a package of lavender seeds. But not only that – it also carries an important message. Lavender is under threat of dying because of a certain bacteria and L’Occitane financially supports research programs to help it survive. I will be planting my seeds in hope of growing my own little lavender as well.

The lavender collection also includes many more candies for the soul: bubble bath, essential oil and soap bars.

Both of the collections are limited edition so I suggest that you visit any of the many L’Occitane stores to explore and pamper your senses. And don’t forget to wish them happy birthday 🙂

As you know, I’ve been a big fan since my mum introduced me to the brand when I was little and I hope that I’ll be able to pass the love to my children. So here’s to you, L’Occitane, and to many, many more.

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  1. 28. 7. 2016 / 10:31

    Jaz sem pa definitivno bolj za verbeno, obožujem vonj. Sivke ne maram 🙂 Imavačisto različna nosa očitno 😛