Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser review

I love me a good face wash and while I’m normally using the Mirati face wash these days, I was cleaning out my cabinet and realized that I actually had quite a few uses left in the Ole Henriksen African red tea foaming cleanser – it was just hiding in the back and I forgot about it. 

Anyway, I decided to start using it again and I remembered how much I loved this since the day I got it. It’s a foam cleanser that is easy to massage into damp skin and simply rinse off. It contains anti-oxidants from the red tea which is another bonus.

I see that it gets my skin really clean and ready for my make-up routine. But more importantly, it wakes me up in the morning – an instant refresher, if you will. The smell is simply amazing and really rejuvenating. It could probably also be used to remove make-up, but I tend to do that with less expensive products and only save this one for my morning routine. 

The product is not tested on animals and without parabens and sulphate-free.

The downside of this amazing product? The price. A 207ml bottle that will actually not last that long (probably 2 months or so) will set you back about 32€ on Look Fantastic website.