Be yourself, be different – with L’Occitane Arlésienne collection

I can’t believe that the Beautiful Bloggers meetup is really over for this year. I had an even better time this year, but truth be told, I need a day or two to process everything before I can summarize my thoughts into a nice, long post.

But I can talk for a moment about the theme of this years’ meetup: Be yourself … be an unicorn! Or, as someone put it even better: Be yourself. Unless you can be an unicorn – then always be an unicorn! I already spoke many times how I feel that it’s difficult to tell one beauty blog from another, since most of us write about similar products, shoot similar photos… there is no diversity.

And I plan to change that! I am making a promise to myself that I will make my blog different, unique and stand out from all others. I plan to keep that promise!

I was kind of motivated to write this post by L’Occitane. They are soon releasing a new Arlésienne collection and kindly gave us a sneak preview of the collection on Friday. The little package contained the Arlésienne Velvet Hand Cream and the Arlésienne delicious gloss, but more importantly, a challenge to be different. What was the challenge, you ask?

Well, I’m glad you asked. We all got a long, pink ribbon with the following instruction: “The decorative ribbon that Arlésienne woman (women from Arlese in the south of France) puts into her hair speaks a story about a bold woman, who is completely free. Each ribbon is unique and speaks its own language – the pattern on it is as unique as the woman who wears it in her hair.”

So instead of just saying – hey, that’s a nice ribbon, I decided to get creative. I associate the L’Occitane brand with flowers so I created little roses from the ribbon. I think they are soooo pretty to look at – do you agree? I also chose roses for a reason – they are one of the three main components in this collection, besides saffron and violet.

You will love the new holiday collection (available in stores from November 6th) if you like strong flowery scents. I have only tested out two products and I am absolutely loving the hand cream (which is nothing new, since I’ve never had a L’Occitane cream that would fail to impress me).

The gloss is great as well although a bit different to what we’re used to from L’Occitane. It seems a bit more oily (but not sticky, more silky) and tastes great. I wouldn’t say it shows on my lips but they are a bit darker so if you have light colored lips, it might give them a bit of tint.

Other products in the collection will include an Eau de Toilette, perfume ointment, Silky body oil (have to try that one!), shower cream, body milk, beauty powder, balm, hand cream, perfumed hard soap and perfumed candle (yes!!!). So plenty to choose from to inspire us on our journey to be unique and different – like theArlésienne !

Until next time, stay beautiful.

p.s. I’m going shopping into L’Occitane warehouse on Tuesday, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@low_maintenance_beauty) for a sneak peek of what will be available to you also from 21st of October on! More information is coming soon, I promise!

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    Vauuu … mojstrica za izdelavo vrtnic! Bjutiful.