Wellness experience in hotel Špik: perfect pamering

As a beauty blogger, I sometimes get opportunities that I would not otherwise get – and sometimes, I get to visit places I probably wouldn’t find by myself. Last Friday, I had an amazing experience I want to tell you about.

On a gloom, rainy day, Tara, Gabi and I set of from Ljubljana via Kranjska Gora (more specifically, Gozd Martuljek) for an adventure. Greeted by sun on our arrival, we were in good spirits that were lifted even more by the kind and warm welcome from our hosts in Hotel Špik – Simona and Gordana.

Our hosts welcomed us in the Alpine wellness which, I’ll admit, I never heard of before I got the invitation for the event. First, we grabbed a bite of food to eat while Simona explained the concept of Alpine wellness to us. The food was organic and mostly made from home-grown ingredients. This is not a coincidence because healthy food represents one of the key benchmarks of wellness along with relaxation, beauty, cosmetics and nurturing the soul.

Do you see those cool drinks on the far right? They are made with glacier water which is pretty cool in my opinion. The hotel discovered a well in 2015 and after some analysis it became evident that this water is super clear since it doesn’t enter the ecosystem. They use it for pools and for different wellness rituals for face and body. I also got a feel for it, but more about that later.

The Alpine wellness in Hotel Špik is really unique and I can really imagine coming here with my girlfriends or for a hen night. There are five rooms through which you slowly move: confidence, love, creativity, harmony and love.

Each room gives you a different sensual experience – IR sauna, oxygen therapy, acupressure with glacial stones from River Sava nearby – that’s the whole point of wellness. The photos below don’t do justice to the beauty of these rooms and the small details in design that are really stunning.

You need to book the Alpine wellness experience in advance and they are only available to your party! You can also get a special package for 3-4 hours, which includes finger food, cocktails and a massage of choice – all this for only 50-85€ per person. I think that dinner and cocktails in Ljubljana cost that much and are not nearly as unique. If you visit with your partner, the 3 hour pass to the Alpine wellness only costs 23€ – a price of pizza and a movie, but imagine how inspiring and different this is to anything you’ve done before!

After that, some girls went on to the sauna world and the pool while I got a massage. The list of available massages and therapies is literally a mile long so I won’t get into that, but they will probably be able to give you whatever you would like – including face peeling, manicure, waxing, body shaping programs and much more. I really like that the main brand used in the beauty center is Afrodita – their new lines are really great and deserve to be recognized by foreign guests that visit Hotel Špik.

I was treated to a Glacial massage that is based on alternating use of hot and cold stones (cooled in the glacier water which is really cool) and is unlike any massage I had before. I must admit that while my sore back often needs a hard, strong therapeutic massage, this was a nice change and being just a tiny bit sore the next day made me aware how much I really needed a nice, relaxing yet invigorating massage.

All in all, I must say that the experience was wonderful and I can’t wait for a chance of a return visit with hubby and Baby M – he likes water so I think he will love the atmosphere in Hotel Špik as much as his mum.

Until next time, stay beautiful!


  1. 2. 11. 2016 / 21:19

    Meni izgleda noro lepo & z veseljem pokukam malo fotke kakšnih sprostitvenih točk, ker že nestrpno čakava z mojim en odklop, ko se končno dava malo v mir po tem pestrem letu… 😀

  2. 14. 11. 2016 / 14:38

    Pridita. Sta dobrodošla 🙂

  3. 18. 11. 2016 / 15:53

    Mislim, da nas je polno, ki se bomo še oglasili 🙂 Kristina, upam, da vama z dragim uspe najti kakšen dan za možgane na off 🙂