Top 5: summer nail polish 2017 *** Top 5 lakov poletja 2017

summer nail polish 2017

Summer is officially here and you can tell just by looking at my nails. I went through the new nail polishes I acquired recently and chose five that I find the prettiest and will definitely be using both on my hands and feet this summer: the perfect summer nail polish of 2017.

summer nail polish 2017 Essence Colour Boost Instant Party

Essence Colour Boost in the shade Instant Party is a bright pink polish, perhaps a bit darker than it appears in the bottle. The whole Colour Boost line is incredibly pigmented, so I always only apply one coat for perfect coverage.

summer nail polish 2017 Catrice IcoNails Mermayday Mayday

Catrice Iconails (which I already talked about *here*) in the shade Mermayday Mayday is a beautiful polish in an emerald color. This is the current shade of my toenails and I believe that the polish will remain mainly intact for the entire vacation, including swimming and walking on beaches. This formula is one of the most long-wearing I’ve ever come accross.

summer nail polish 2017 Paese

Paese polish in shade 102 is an interesting nail polish even if applied alone, but it stands out even more with a nice dotting, for example with blue dots, or sea inspired stickers (you can find a bunch at Essence stand). The formula is quite thick and offers maximum coverage, so I suggest one precise coat.

summer nail polish 2017 Essie Peach Daiquiri

Essie Peach Daiquiri polish is a light pink polish with an orange hue, so it looks a bit darker when applied as it does in the bottle. I don’t really prefer Essie formula since it chips quite quickly, but the shades are so beautiful it’s worth biting the bullet and reapplying it every two, three days.

summer nail polish 2017 Alessandro Baby Blue

Last, I must mention the Alessandro Baby Blue nail polish which has the most appropriate name out of all – if you’re an expecing mother of a boy, you’ll find tons of teddy bears and little clothes in exactly this color. The formula is also great with one coat being more than enough, but you can reach total coverage with two coats.

All these formulas are very different – personally, I prefer the Catrice Iconails formula, followed by Alessandro. But be advised –  this is only true for my nails and yours might be different, meaning that the formulas will behave different upon application. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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