Essence Hello Happiness!

essence hello happiness

I know, I know – I’ve been posting so much about Essence lately that I really should just go and sleep in one of their stands, right? Well, the thing is that they’ve come out with so many new cool things I’m excited about that I really want to share them with you. So – I promise this Hello Happiness introduction is the last Essence post for September, but I think it’s worth reading.

As most beauty bloggers, I’m an avid brush collector. I own brushes that cost 20 € per piece and I own brushes that cost 1 € per piece. I have stupidly expensive brushes that aren’t good at all and I have inexpensive brushes that are great. Hopefully, I’ll find some like that in the new Essence Hello Happiness line (LE) that’s coming to drugstores in about two weeks time.

What is Hello Happiness?

Hello Happiness is a line of seven different brushes with synthetic bristles and some fun additional products to make your life a bit easier. The prices range from about 1,5 € for a lip brush to 4,5 € for a short kabuki. They should be available in your local drugstores from 20.9. onward.

What kind of brushes can I get?

hello happiness essence brushes

Pretty ones. No, for real. Essence Hello happiness brushes all have a soft pastel design that looks absolutely adorable. In the collection, you can find (left to right): a lip brush (1,59€) and a duo eyeshadow brush (2,79€) which is flat at one end and rounded at the other. Honestly, the latter is probably the one I’ll skip because I don’t have a good way to store dual-ended brushes and they always get damaged. Next, we have a corrector sponge (2,49 €) which I’ll definitely get because I don’t have a sponge brush yet and I’m curious as to how it performs. There are also a blush brush (3,59€), strobing brush for highlighter (3,59€) and a contouring brush with longer bristles (3,59€). The pièce de résistance of the line in my opinion is the flat powder kabuki brush (4,39€). If it’s as dense as it looks in the photos, it’ll be perfect to apply liquid foundation or really pack in translucent powder under the eyes!

Anything else about Essence Hello Happiness I should know?

hello happiness essence brush rollWell, yes. I’m a big, big fan of the Freedom Brush Bath (read about it *here*) but I’ll naturally try the Essence brush cleansing soap (2,79€) as a cheaper alternative to see how they compare. I’m also quite tempted by the brush roll with seven spaces for larger and smaller brushes (3,29 €). For those who don’t own anything like this, I think it’s a great option. I also love the design which is perfect for traveling!

I won’t be buying all of these Essence Hello Happiness brushes since I really don’t need them, but I’ll probably get two or three – most likely the corrector sponge, blush brush and flat kabuki. I just hope I make it to the stand in time – these limited editions seem to just fly off the shelves, don’t you agree? Which one out of the bunch is your favorite? Until next time, stay beautiful!

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