Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp- gifts and goodies to try out!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp presents

Yesterday, I wrote a long post about everything that happened at this year’s biggest beauty bloggers conference in Slovenia – Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp. You can find the post *here*. I already showed all the gifts on my Insta Live, but just in case you missed it, I wanted to do a post and show you everything I’ll be testing in the next couple of months. Some of these I will also put in future giveaways so keep your eyes open for those! The sponsors and gifts come in no particular order. Some of them have a promo code for you to use – I’ll include it in the description!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #1 – L’Occitane

Terre de Lumiere L'Occitane Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

L’Occitane kindly gifted us their new Eau de Toilette Terre De Lumiere from their new Christmas line. I am not the biggest fan of the original Terre De Lumiere fragrance but this one is much more gentle and perfect for me. They also kindly printed out our photos on little magnets ~ now, I have a daily reminder of my blogger friends.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #2 -Aikon Academy

Aikon Wrinkle Catcher 3 in 1 Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Aikon Academy’s gift was the Aikon Wrinkle Catcher 3 in 1. I’m still unsure as to what this is, exactly, since the box claims it’s a daily moisturizer but it’s silicone based and contains retinol which is not something I associate with daily skincare. I’ll definitely report back on this one.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #3 – Alterna Haircare & Olapley & Med in mleko hair salon

Caviar Anti Aging hair care Olaplex Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

I’m a sucker for good hair care products which is why I also visit a salon that uses Olaplex during the coloring procedures on my hair. We received a bunch of goodies from Alterna Caviar Anti-aging line in a cute little bag and the Olaplex #3 which is perfect for home use. We also get to try out the procedure with Olaplex #2 in Med and mleko hair salons which would probably be a post that would interest most of you – am I right about that?

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #4 –  Ars Florae Gardenia

Melvita breakfast Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Ars Florae Gardenia made the whole conference special with these wonderful centerpieces and decoration of the halls. They’re my go-to florist, especially during the holidays, so I was super excited to learn about the current Christmas trends from the masters. I unfortunately forgot to collect my little plant, but as I lack the so called green thumb, I’m sure it will be better off with them. Nevertheless, thank you Gardenia!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #5 – Afrodita Cosmetics

Afrodita Salt Scrub body souffle Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Afrodita proudly took home the award for best Slovenian brand and I’m 100 % on board with that. They are stepping up the game with their Afrodita Professional skincare line to the point where I don’t need to look across borders for good skincare anymore. Anyway, they gifted us the new Salt Scrub and body souffle with argan oil and lavender essential oil and the new Nourish-Gold therapy body milk (I got to choose this one for myself). Very excited to try them all out since I loved the previous strawberry version of the body souffle and salt scrub!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #6 – Avon

Avon hand cream nail polish Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Avon included some of their bestsellers – the Planet Spa hand cream with shea butter, 7-1 nail polish (I need to research this a bit more) and a cool eyeshadow, perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #7 – Essence & Catrice

Essence Catrice Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

We actually received most of these before the conference from Essence & Catrice so we could be picture ready on the important day. I’m looking forward to trying out the Time to wake up sheet mask and I really love both the Chrome blush (Essence) and the matte lipstick (Catrice) which I actually really did wear on the day of the conference.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #8 – Fidimed

Fidimed Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Fidimed hooked us up with a bunch of their nutritional supplements to make sure we stay healthy during the winter months. I’m especially looking forward to trying out the mulitQplatinum and I’ve had great experience with immunoGran. It really helps if you take one when you feel a cold catching on or (pro tip) if you’re hungover. Fidimed also prepared a code for you: between 10.11. and 30.11.2017 you can use the code sledKnSvB on their online page for 10 % off any product.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #9 – Honor

I’m an Android girl through and through and I really hoped I’d have the time to stop by the Honor stand to try my luck in winning the new Huawei 9. Unfortunately, I ran out of time but I still want to thank Honor for participating and giving one of us such a great prize!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #10 – & MakeUp Revolution

Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp online store and Make-up revolution gifted us two of their products: the Flawless 4 eyeshadow palette and a liquid highlighter. As I don’t use MUR make-up, both of these beauties will end up in a giveaway – soon! And for the record – I totally think that if you have no problems with the brand, you should give it a try. also prepared a code for you: with the code BBMULJ you can get 20 % off all Make-up Revolution products at their online store until the end of 2017!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #11 – Lotique

Lotique make-up foundation primer eyebrow Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

I was really excited when I looked in this bag because I saw face products. I’m excited to try the Flawless Foundation and the Face primer (both silicone based for those of you wondering). We also received this stunning metal eyeshadow single and an eyebrow mascara which always comes in handy.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #12 – Medex

Medex Kolagen Lift Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

If you know me, then you know I have a big love relationship with Medex. This year, they gave us their Kolagen Lift which I’ll definitely use up and for the second year in a row, they hooked us up with the perfect blogging planner. It includes so many categories specific to beauty bloggers that I cannot even begin to explain ~ I hope that other sponsors won’t get offended but for me, this is the best gift out of all. Medex also has a promo code for you! With the code XQ22Y2GN you can get 15 % off everything (yes, everything, even the collagen products and the BeeSecret line) in their online store!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #13 – Melvita

Melvita oil hand cream Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Melvita is always so thoughtful in their presents and this year was no exception. We got a gorgeous (sparkly!) notebook which I already started using during the conference, a cute bag with the hand cream, the rose water, a nail file and some handkerchiefs at the very beginning of the conference. It definitely came in handy throughout the day. I’ve also been using this Golden Oil for face, hair and body for the past two days and I think you can expect a post about it very, very soon!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #14 – Nelipot

Nelipot Shverkaj Masha Lajf Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

With Nelipot, we got to choose our own gifts which I think is really cool because not everyone likes the same things, right? I chose Shverkaj for whiter teeth, Masha (obviously) and Lajf which is essentially a male deodorant but to me smells stunning. I don’t think these are available for purchase just yet so I’m excited to test them all out for you and report back!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #15 – Philips

Another stand that I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit. As I’m being told, they were introducing their new at-home epilation system Lumea. I’ll try to get more information about that for you. Sorry, Philips, hope we have better luck next year!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #16 – Rauch

Rauch hooked us up with their amazing, all natural smoothies which kept us alive between snacks. They had this totally cute bucket with the smoothies prepared for us but mine got lost somewhere in the process. I must say I’m very sad since I was hoping to show it to you. Perhaps it will find its way to me somehow in the next few days? Fingers crossed!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #17 – S.Oliver

S.Oliver So Pure for her Eau de Toilette Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

S.Oliver kindly gave us their new female fragrance So Pure. I really like the scent but I must admit that I was even more drawn toward the male version of this fragrance, so I definitely have to get my hands on that one!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #18 – Smile Concept Store

Smile Concept Store Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Smile Concept store was clever – they are giving us the option to choose something for ourselves with the gift certificate. They also gave us a wish bracelet which I will definitely try out – I just have to choose the right wish worthy of it!

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #19 – Sisinger 21 & Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor nail polish Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Sisi-nger 21 gave us a certificate which we can use for services at their nail salon. We also got the base coat, color varnish and top coat from Morgan Taylor. I’m excited to try these out since I’m always looking for polishes that will behave nicely on my poor nails.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #20 – Caudalie / Vivaderm

Caudalie Vine Activ serum Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Beside a ton of samples (which always come in handy!), I got the new Vine[activ] anti-wrinkle serum from the new Caudalie line with resveratrol. This is something completely different from anything I’ve ever used before so I’m excited to give it a go.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #21 – Body Shop Slovenija

The Body Shop Slovenija matte lip liquid body butter Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Yes, yes – you’re eyes are not deceiving you. The Body Shop is finally coming to Slovenia. I’m so happy they decided to join us at the conference so we could take a quick peek at their Christmas launches. We took home a bunch of samples, a liquid lipstick and a mini Body Butter – I got the scent Vanilla Chai.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #22 – Vichy

Vichy Slow Age moisturizer Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Vichy introduced us to their line Slow Age with SPF 30 for first signs of ageing. They also gave us a really cool pillow that kept us cozy in those slightly uncomfortable chairs for the entire day, meaning they’re the MVP when it comes to blogger care.

Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp sponsor #23 – Yankee Candle Slovenia

Yankee Candle Slovenija Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp

Another first timer at the Beautyful Bloggers MeetUp, Yankee Candle set up a wonderful stand that was really out of this world. We got three candles from their Christmas collection which I’ll definitely save up for the holidays.

I think that all the gifts were really amazing, well thought-out and I’m happy to include them into my daily routines and tell you more about them. Which one is your favorite of the bunch? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, stay beautiful!


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